Saturday, April 25, 2009


I know I've been blogging a ton this month, and somehow there's still lots of pictures I'd like to post. So I'm not gonna write a lot, just put up some of my favorite pictures that haven't already found their way on here.

Springtime 007
We had a little photo shoot this day because the sunlight was so bright and natural, and I took tons of pictures of her, so here are some of my favorites.

Springtime 019 

Springtime 033
She asked to play with the hat, and so we had a fun time with her pulling it off and and me putting it back on her over and over.

Springtime 039

Springtime 090 
I think I already mentioned how much she likes playing with her new chair. She'll sit and try to buckle herself and get the tray on for a long time.

Springtime 086
Please ignore her giant drool spot. I need to buy or make some bibs with buttons so she can't just pull them off like she always does. We think she's teething again, even though she already has 16 teeth and she's not supposed to get her last 4 molars until about 22 months.

Springtime 069
Her favorite book, "Go Dog, Go!"

Springtime 075
This is the beginning of her signing "car."

Springtime 076
The end of the "car" sign! She's very enthusiastic when she signs it.

Springtime 077 
And her signing "work." It's really cute when I ask her where her Daddy is and she signs "work."

Easter Eggs 063
She was playing with all the leftover ties that we cut up to use for Easter Eggs.

Peach Cobbler 001 
Lily hardly ever falls asleep in her car seat anymore, but we'd had a long day at my parents' house and it was past her bedtime. She fell asleep with her baby like that, I didn't put it there. She really likes her baby.

Peach Cobbler 005 - Copy
So tired she didn't even wake up when I got her up and out of the car.

Peach Cobbler 010
So festive! Don't worry, I was watching to make sure she didn't choke herself or anything.

Camping 003
Right before we left to go camping, I was trying my socks on her to see if they'd work well as leg warmers.

Camping 010

Camping 101
At Marymoore park again, only it was just Lily and I this time. She only kept the hat on for about 3.2 seconds. Oh well.

Camping 106
Showing me her flower. I like how she already likes to give her mommy flowers. :)

Camping 109 
Picking more flowers, and pinecones too.

Camping 129 
Just the other day when we (Ben, Lily, and I) went to Red Robins. She's almost always a really good sport when we go out to eat, which is such a blessing.

Camping 130
I love my little girl!


Jen and Jared said...

Very cute pics! Lily is sure growing up! Go, Dog, Go used to be my niece's favorite book. I'll have to get it for Chase to see how he likes it. And you're so right about it being a blessing that Lily does so well at restaurants. I've seen many a meltdown in my day and am so grateful Chase hasn't put me through that...yet.

Ashlyn said...

I love, love, love, love, LOVE the second picture of Lily in this post. The others are adorable, but that one's my absolute favorite. No joke, you should enter it into the Babytalk/GMA Magazine cover contest. Because she is SO ADORABLE!!!

( DO IT!