Sunday, July 27, 2008

First Tooth!

So, Lily got her first tooth in a week ago! We actually weren't the first ones to see it. Lily was with my Mom for the weekend so Ben and I could celebrate our anniversary, and when we called to see how things were going, my Mom told us about it! So we were kind of disappointed that we missed the very first sighting of her tooth, but excited all the same. It's funny because it really makes her look older. Combined with her standing all the time (not unassisted yet) she really seems like she's growing up fast. She'll get another tooth in either today or tomorrow. We can see the very top of it about to come through. Of course the pain of teething is making her a little fussy, but she's really doing pretty good, considering. Unfortunately, she doesn't exactly pose with her mouth wide open for a picture, so we haven't caught her cute little tooth on camera. Soon, I hope!

She's starting to sleep a lot better at night, which is AWESOME! About 10 days before she was going to stay the night with my Mom, Ben and I decided that she really needed to start sleeping through the night and have a more predictable routine, to make things easier for when my Mom was watching her, and to make things easier on us always. :) So now Lily always has her bottle, reads a few books, and then gets set in her crib still awake. Most of the time we have to pat her back a little bit to help her calm down, but she does  fall asleep on her own, and only wakes up maybe two or three times at the most. But I don't feed her in the middle of the night anymore, and she falls right back asleep when she does wake up. And it's getting more and more common for her to sleep for 7 hour stretches. She even slept for 8 hours once! (Happy, happy Emily!) She seems much happier too, really, and actually takes longer more predictable naps now too. It's great.

Lily has discovered that there are some foods worth eating (unlike avocados) and she's very into feeding time now. She really likes her squash, sweet potatoes, and I think she's ok with oatmeal too. And as for non-pureed foods, she LOVES cucumbers, and really likes watermelon and cantaloupe, and is ok with carrots too. We tried rice krispies the other day, but she still can't pick those up yet. It's weird for me to get used to the fact that I'm not her only source of food now (me and the nightly bottle, that is). I know I'm still her main source of nutrition, but it's weird to think that she has other food now. Makes me feel slightly less needed. Silly, I know!

Feeding Time 013 
Not so much liking the peas. They came right back out!

Feeding Time 113 

Lily with her cucumber sticks. She scrapes all the seeds off and into her mouth and then puts the whole thing in her mouth and sucks it dry!

Feeding Time 117 
Very excited about her sweet potatoes!

Yesterday was the Microsoft Picnic, and it was a lot of fun. We went to it on the busses they provided, and Lily took a nap on Ben's chest on the way there (on the way back, too). It was cute. When we got there we first did the bouncy rope thing and the mechanical bull. I stayed on the bull for longer than Ben! (Though in all honesty, they probably went easier on me at first, just cuz I'm a girl. Lame!) Then we went and ate the lunch provided, opting for ribs, corn on the cob, fresh fruit and pot-stickers. It was yummy, but the corn wasn't that impressive. We watched the BMX show, and the Drummers on the big drums, and we went and listened to these Jamaican singers. I think that was my favorite part. Ben or I would hold Lily and dance to the music and she really liked that. It was cute. We stayed for a few hours, and it was very enjoyable.

Feeding Time 122 
Sleeping on her daddy's chest in the bus.

Feeding Time 147 
Dancing with Mommy to Jamaican music!

Feeding Time 164 


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Avacado Face

So we've been feeding Lily some different vegetables and fruits in the last few weeks, and it's been a lot of fun. Lily really likes trying new food and is very enthusiastic about it. But her reaction to avacado had us laughing so hard. The funniest thing about it was that even though she acted like she hated it, she kept going back for more!