Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Joseph

My sister-in-law Andy had her baby! A little boy named Joseph Kyle Lemmon, and he really is adorable. I think he looks just like Andy and Rachel. We went over to their house a little over a week ago to celebrate Andy’s birthday, and meet Joseph too – it was nice to see them again. It’s been so long since I’ve held such a new-born baby. He was such a sweet sleepy little bundle. Can’t wait to see you guys again and hold Joseph again!

Baby Joseph 026Joseph Kyle Lemmon, born March 11, 2010.  

Baby Joseph 023 I love this picture of Andy and Joseph together!

Baby Joseph 020

Going Green

Last week I didn’t realize it was St Patrick’s Day until I woke up, so I didn’t plan anything super fancy, but Lily and I had fun turning everything green. She liked the idea of wearing all green, and she LOVED her green milk. I think the pretzels were my favorite, just because they are kind of a random thing to turn green, but I was really craving them and thought they’d be fun to make. Here are the pictures!

Baby Joseph 028

Baby Joseph 033

Baby Joseph 045

Monday, March 8, 2010

New Names

Lily’s imagination is amazing – and hilarious. We love to listen to all the funny random things she comes up with and getting a glimpse of what goes on in her head. In the last week she’s started calling us and herself by different names. Her favorite thing to call us: Ben is Peter, I’m Ashlyn, and she is Piper (hey Adams, she loves you, if you can’t tell). She’s very insistent that any time we talk to her, we have to call her Piper. Ben took her to the store a couple of nights ago, and every time he called her Lily, she’d correct him: “No, say come here Piper!”

Besides Ashlyn, here are the other names I’ve been called in the last week or so:
Peter Pan
Mommy Pink Lizard

Ben gets called Daddy Pink Lizard, and most often Michael gets called Hyrum, though he’s also been called George. My favorite though is what she called Michael today: Michaelhyrumski. Or sometimes it’s just Michaelski. In fact, she’s started adding –ski on the ends of lots of words. I think it comes from Monsters Inc, which we watched a few days ago. The little round monster in it is called Mike Wazowski.

Seriously guys. I couldn’t make this up.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Really? Only March 5th?

I swear this week is going sooooo sloooooow. I keep thinking it ought to be St. Patrick’s Day or something already. Part of it is because January and February just whizzed by. It felt like one day we were celebrating New Years Eve in a tiny motel room as we waited for the blizzard to stop so we could continue home from Colorado, and the next it’s Valentine’s Day. And now it’s already March!! However, now I feel like the days are just completely dragging and this week is just taking f-o-r-e-v-e-r. (Hmm, my spell check is telling me everyone of those single letters is wrong, which makes sense, except apparently it’s ok with –v- …weird.)

You know what I think most of it is? I decided to take a couple months and stop eating processed sugar. I’ve been doing it for two weeks now, but it feels like years! I’m really hoping that it’ll help me lose weight and train myself to eat healthier again. I’ve been having a major problem with that. I think it’s because when I’m pregnant I just let myself eat anything, and then when I’m nursing I’m constantly hungry too. I’m still nursing, but it’s been 8 months since I was pregnant and I’m still having a hard time eating just for myself again. Too big of portions and too many snacks, along with a serious craving for sugar all. the. time. So I decided to just go cold-turkey and quit all the desserts and sugary snacks for good for awhile and hopefully re-train my body. Please wish me luck!

Lily is still potty training. We keep having days where she does fantastic, no accidents for 3 or 4 days in a row, and then it’ll be a week of poopy underwear multiple times a day. Ugh. Right now we’re trying to get her to drink LOTS so that she’ll have to go more often and hopefully really start to recognize her body’s signals, but any other advice would certainly be appreciated. I’m getting really grossed out by all the accidents I’m cleaning up!

One other thing I wanted to mention: I LOVE THIS SUNNY WEATHER!!! For the last couple weeks I’ve totally been pretending it’s summer. I’ve been wearing my capri’s, going to the park with the kids, picnics outside, all the curtains thrown open – it’s been so nice! Nevermind that it’s actually only 55 degrees outside, the sun just makes me happy. :) I’m sure I’m not the only one!

Sorry, no new pictures. I just felt like rambling.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Picnic With Lily

Actually, Michael was there too, but since he slept almost the whole time, it was almost like I was just out with my little girl. It was lots of fun! It’s been so sunny the last few weeks and the other day I just decided that we were going on a picnic. Of course, once we got to the park I realized it was still definitely chilly – so we ate kind of fast. But we had such a good time. Lily thought it was awesome to sit on the blanket and eat together and enjoyed looking out at the river afterwards. I hope the sunny weather continues and gets warmer, it’s so nice to spend some time outside again!

Crawling 004

Crawling 006

Crawling 017

Crawling 008

Crawling 018

Crawling 024

Crawling 005 
I love my kiddos. :)     

He’s Moving!

Michael is taking off! Over the weekend he learned how to crawl, and it’s so crazy to suddenly see him ten feet away from where I put him. It’s still a kind of shambling crawl, one leg kind of dragging, but he does pretty good with it and loves that he can go wherever he wants and get into more things!

Also, yesterday he took his first steps!! Not even 8 months old yet, just like Lily - though Lily beat him by a few days. :) He’s been determined for weeks now to get moving, somehow, anyhow he can, that I’m really not surprised. It’s so cute to see the very determined look in his eyes as he steadies himself and then takes a couple of steps before loosing his balance. Today he took 4 pretty steady steps before he leaned too far back and sat down. It’s so much fun to watch him learn. Lily enjoys watching him too, and every time he manages a couple of steps she cheers and claps for him.

I’ll try to get some walking pictures, but for now here are some pictures of him crawling. He wasn’t in the best of moods when I had the camera out, so no smiles this time.

Crawling 028

Crawling 029

Crawling 030

Crawling 031

Crawling 043“Just put the camera away, Mom!”