Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Picnic With Lily

Actually, Michael was there too, but since he slept almost the whole time, it was almost like I was just out with my little girl. It was lots of fun! It’s been so sunny the last few weeks and the other day I just decided that we were going on a picnic. Of course, once we got to the park I realized it was still definitely chilly – so we ate kind of fast. But we had such a good time. Lily thought it was awesome to sit on the blanket and eat together and enjoyed looking out at the river afterwards. I hope the sunny weather continues and gets warmer, it’s so nice to spend some time outside again!

Crawling 004

Crawling 006

Crawling 017

Crawling 008

Crawling 018

Crawling 024

Crawling 005 
I love my kiddos. :)