Sunday, September 20, 2009


The Game of Split-Second Charades!

Can you guess what these people were acting out??

Grandmas' B-Days 097

Grandmas' B-Days 099

Grandmas' B-Days 103

Grandmas' B-Days 106

Grandmas' B-Days 109

Grandmas' B-Days 114

Grandmas' B-Days 119

Grandmas' B-Days 121

Grandmas' B-Days 125

Grandmas' B-Days 126

Grandmas' B-Days 135

I just love that game!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ben’s Birthday – Part Three

I know, a three part post for one birthday, but Ben’s just that special and totally worth it. For the last celebration of Ben’s 25th birthday, we went over to my parents house for a family day. It was SO much fun. We spent a good deal of the time outside in their ginormous backyard. The weather was great, we enjoyed a yummy dinner, and everyone was just having a fantastic time.

Ben's 25 B-day 179
Wow, he looks good!

Ben's 25 B-day 184

Ben's 25 B-day 187
I *LOVE* this picture of my handsome boys.

Ben's 25 B-day 198 Playing Blongo Ball.

Ben's 25 B-day 203

Ben's 25 B-day 207

Ben's 25 B-day 217

Ben's 25 B-day 221

Ben's 25 B-day 222 
Mary – my parent’s dog.

Ben's 25 B-day 224
My brother Josh – I’m not sure how I managed to get him in focus and the non-moving part of the picture blurry, but I think it looks cool.

Ben's 25 B-day 236
Showing off for the ladies – you know, Lily and my mom and me.

Ben's 25 B-day 241 

Ben's 25 B-day 244 
“What? I like hanging out upside down.”

Ben's 25 B-day 248
My baby sister – I can’t believe she started Middle school this year.

Ben's 25 B-day 258

Ben's 25 B-day 261

Ben's 25 B-day 265 Lovely face from Lily, no?

Ben's 25 B-day 271

Ben's 25 B-day 272
“I’m not so sure about this guy…”

Ben's 25 B-day 285

Ben's 25 B-day 301
Silly faces!

Ben's 25 B-day 305
Look at that sweet baby face.

Ben's 25 B-day 311 Ben’s favorite fresh peach pie – homemade by my mom.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I didn’t entirely forget

About posting a picture of Michael’s rag quilt. I just didn’t get to it for a really long time. Forever ago I talked about how I was making a rag quilt for Michael, posted pictures of the fabric, and even told you when I finished it. But I never got around to posting a picture of the finished product. So here it is!

Ben's 25 B-day 102 

Not the happiest little boy in this picture, but it shows the raggediness and the different colors well, I think. I had a good time finishing this blanket up, and I really love how it turned out. I love that both my kids have rag quilts now!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ben’s Birthday - Part 2

Part 2 of Ben’s birthday was a day at the park with lots of friends and pizza. We were a little worried about rain, but the weather ended up being perfect and it was a great couple of hours at Marymoore Park. It’s fun that Ben has a summer birthday so we can have yet another excuse to play outside.

Ben's 25 B-day 117
Ben’s favorite cake – german chocolate with homemade coconut pecan frosting.

Ben's 25 B-day 115
Big breath!

Ben's 25 B-day 116 
If Ben hadn’t been able to blow out all the candles at once, the wind would have done it for him that day.

Ben's 25 B-day 118
Mmmm, chocolate.

Ben's 25 B-day 124 
Playing frisbee golf.

Ben's 25 B-day 134

Ben's 25 B-day 137

Ben's 25 B-day 121
Cute Cousin Rachel.

Ben's 25 B-day 123
Little Benjamin refusing to smile.

Ben's 25 B-day 122
Our friend Stephanie with her son Joshua.

Ben's 25 B-day 133
Kind of hard to see, but from left to right: Ben’s brother Daniel, Aaron, Peter with his daughter Piper, little Benjamin, and Dan, Benjamin’s dad.

Ben's 25 B-day 141
Another typical picture of Michael - sleeping through the party.

Ben's 25 B-day 149
Cute Piper.

Ben's 25 B-day 136
Lily playing with Kendra, who came with us to help with Lily and Michael so we could enjoy the party more.

Ben's 25 B-day 159
The happy birthday boy.

Thanks friends for celebrating with us. We hope you had as good as time as we did!