Monday, February 16, 2009

The red wire or the yellow wire??

There was a very tense moment in the Lemmon household today. The events that led up to it are as follows:

For her birthday Ben bought Lily one of those riding toys you sit on and push yourself around with your feet, a Dora the Explorer thing with lots of songs. All the buttons for the songs worked for the first 3 days or so, and then they started petering out, and eventually the only thing that would happen when you pushed the buttons was a pathetic "mis am..." (the beginning of "mis amigos") or "beep b...". It was really starting to get on our nerves, so Ben completely opened it up, found all the little gears, found the one that was supposedly messing it up, and took it out so it would work again. And it did! For about 2 days. :( Sadness ensued.

Lily got a little tired of it, and didn't play with it for awhile, which was ok with us cuz it was seriously annoying. But today she got it out and kept trying all the buttons, hoping one of the songs would work. So Ben got out his screwdriver again, and as I'm washing my hands after changing Lily I hear, "Do I cut the red wire or the yellow wire?"

13 months Lily 033

It totally reminded me of every movie/tv show I've ever seen where everyone stands anxiously around the sweating person trying to defuse the bomb but unsure which wire to cut. I wasn't sure if he was serious or not, but it turned out he was. "Either I'll guess right and it'll start working again, or I'll totally ruin it and it won't annoy us any more." He figured either way we win. :)

He cut the yellow wire, pushed the button, and TADA!! Success!! My husband is a genius! And he made his daughter very happy.

13 months Lily 040 - Copy

In other news, I've got pictures of the rag quilt I made for Lily. Here they are!

13 months Lily 034
The front.

13 months Lily 036
The back. The dark color is a brown, if you can't tell, not black.

13 months Lily 038
Close-up of the ragginess. I just love how it turned out, and it really is soft and cuddly. Lily seems to like it too.

So right after I finished the blanket, Ben told me I should make another one for baby Michael (though we didn't know it was Michael at the time). But I said I needed a break from sewing so I wouldn't be annoyed with having to do all the cutting and sewing again so soon. But after we found out it was Michael we were expecting, I got all gung-ho again. So the very next day (the 14th, actually) we went to Walmart together and picked out fabric for a baby boy rag quilt for Michael. I'm really excited about it, and just today I got all the squares cut out so I can start sewing tomorrow. Well, maybe tomorrow. The house is getting kind of messy... we'll see what I actually end up doing. Anyway, here are all the squares of the fabric that I'm using.

13 months Lily 042 

Hopefully it'll be really cute. The three plain fabrics will be fore the back, and the 7 prints on the left will be on the front. I'm thinking now I maybe should have gotten more blue and another, maybe brighter, green, but the Walmart selection, although seriously cheaper which I appreciated, was pretty limited. I think it'll look pretty good once it's put together.

And finally, Lily is already 13 months and a week or so. Not that that is super exciting or anything, but it's just weird that it's going so fast. I've probably said this tons of times, but it just seems like she is growing so so fast. She wants to do everything by herself lately, and she is so opinionated! She gets very stubborn about what she will and won't eat, and she likes to make the decisions of what she is going to wear, and she'll even tell me when she wants to go outside and see the ducks (who live in the little creek behind our condo). Just lots of stuff like that, and it's constantly making me think, "Wow, she is so not a baby anymore."

Here's my latest favorite pictures. :)

13 months Lily 004
She thought it was cool that I was letting her wear my hat, so she kept it on longer than she keeps on her own hats. I'm so glad she's not growing out of her dimples! I hope she ever does.

13 months Lily 006

 13 months Lily 001 - Copy
I love this!! She's constantly doing this, grabbing some sort of clothing or dish towel, wrapping it around her neck and then posing with her arm like that. She KNOWS she's so cute!

But this...13 months Lily 008
is my absolute favorite! She'd just taken off the hat, and I asked her to look at me and smile (which never works, but I keep trying), and she turned right toward me and made this face! What a goose!!! I completely adore this little girl.


Kristen said...

What sweet pictures of Lily! She's so darling. I love the quilt you made her and I'm excited to see how baby Michael's turns out. Oh, and I'm glad Ben picked the right wire to cut. :)

Natalie Lundberg said...

I love the way your rag quilt turned out. How many hours did it take? Lily is looking so grown up! I can't believe my boy is turning one next month!