Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Little Fashionista

I just had to take some photos of Lily tonight and post them here. She cracks me up!

Grandpa's Birthday 081
She brought me her underpants (they go with her pink dress) and wanted to put them on, even lifting up her foot so helpfully. She has such a distinct style, wouldn't you say? (And yup, that's my lip gloss in her hand. She loves to go through my purse.)

Grandpa's Birthday 088
And actually, she's been wanting to wear these shoes all day lately, for the last couple of days, whether or not we're going anywhere. She also brings me her jacket to put on. These are worn over her jammies. I'm fairly positive you'll see these looks in Vogue next month. :)

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Natalie Lundberg said...

That's so funny! Colton could care less about what he wears. Just shows you the difference between boys and girls!