Monday, May 24, 2010

I love you more than ...

So I have a unique way of expressing my love to my wife. Rather than be boring like the rest of the husbands out there and just say "I love you", I'll tell her all the things I love her more than. For example, I'll tell her "I love you more than pixie dust", or "I love you more than programming". For some odd reason she actually finds this cute and endearing. Each time it's something different, and often-times odd. Once I told my wife (in front of my mother-in-law) "I love you more than stool samples". Emily, who was quite used to this by then, said lovingling "Aw, thank you". Emily's mother, on the other hand, has yet to let me live it down. To get to the point, Emily told me today said I should start a greeting card company with all my random "I love you more than ..." sayings in them. I told her that she's the only one who really appreciates them, and it wouldn't be a sucessful business venture. She contests that they're "sweet and creative" or at the very least, others will like them because they're funny. We're letting you, the readers of our blog, settle this for us. Please use the voting buttons at the top of the page to let us know what you think.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Family

Hey it’s Ben here.  We went to Colorado last week to visit my family.  My youngest brother Matthew just got back from his mission in South Africa, and it was the first time in a long time that we were able to get all my siblings together.  And my nephew Joseph was blessed there as well.  Natalie has all the pictures of the whole family, and I’ll post them or link to them once they’re available.  We went to the zoo, played raquetball, wii, croquet, card games, and lots of fun family time.  We didn’t have our camera out very often, but here’s a selection of some of the good ones.

Matt's Home! 015

Matt's Home! 064

Matt's Home! 030

Matt's Home! 065

Matt's Home! 087

Matt's Home! 046

Matt's Home! 108

Matt's Home! 116

 Matt's Home! 128

Matt's Home! 207

Matt's Home! 243

Matt's Home! 244

Matt's Home! 266

Matt's Home! 325

Matt's Home! 333

Matt's Home! 349

Matt's Home! 341