Saturday, November 17, 2007

Recent Happenings

Us at Ipanema (notice the guy in the background with the knives? HAHA!!! We didn't even know he was doing that until we got home and put the pic on the computer.)

It's been awhile since we've updated, so here's the recent happenings in the Lemmon family. Most recently, we went a a fun date to Seattle. My favorite restaurant in Utah is Tucanos, a Brazillian buffet style place that is seriously delicious, but we couldn't find a similar place here in Seattle. Until now! Ben found Ipanema in downtown Seattle, and surprised me by taking me there today. It was really really yummy, and really fun. And the Seattle Art Museum was across the street, so we went there for a couple hours afterwards. Neither one of us had been there before, and it was nice. Huge, too. It was cool how they had so many different cultural exhibits. African, Japanese, Mesoamerican, Native American, and lots of different American artists too. The variety made it really interesting.

I was attempting to pose like the statue, but got distracted by the museum lady who told me not to take pictures. Oops!

Last Saturday Stephanie Roth threw me an awesome baby shower. It was lots of fun to get together with lots of friends from church and talk and eat. Yum... we had three types of fondue, a whilte chocolate, milk chocolate, and monterey jack cheese. Everyone was so nice, and now we have all these beautiful baby clothes and nursery things. It's nice to have more of those things, now her room is all cute and decorated and girly, and I love just going in there to look at it all, and imagine holding Lily... she's not coming fast enough!

However, I did get a new niece this week! My sister-in law Andy was due November 5th, and didn't go into labor until the 12th, and gave birth to Rachel Alexandra on the 13th. She's completely adorable, and Dan and Andy are very happy. :) Ben and went to see them in the hospital, and she was so tiny, but at the same time, I was holding her and looking at her and thinking, "This fits in my belly??" It's so weird. But very exciting. I can't wait till Lily comes!

So for Thanksgiving Ben and I are going to Colorado for Thanksgiving to be with his parents. We're both pretty excited. We haven't been to their place since we got married. We were planning on going up there for Christmas, but with my pregnancy I'll be too far along to fly at that point, which is really a bummer because all the other brothers and sisters are going to be there this year. But Thanksgiving will be nice, and we get to stay there for a whole week. I'm sure we'll blog about that when we get back. Happy Thanksgiving!

Halloween Costumes

The Not-So-Holy Couple :)

So we finally decided what we wanted to be for Halloween: a priest and a pregnant nun - pregnancy already included! It was lots of fun. We got lots of comments on the ensemble during the church Trunk-or-Treat. Slightly scandelous, but that's ok.

After the trunk or treat we went home with some candy left, expecting to get a least a few trick-or-treaters, but we didn't get a single one. We ended up eating the candy ourselves while we watched "Next," a very good movie with a very bad ending. All in all a fun night.