Friday, September 28, 2007

Pregnancy update

So this will be short, but I wanted to update on how Lily is doing. I had my third ultrasound yesterday, and they were checking to see if she had grown sufficiently that we could stop being worried. The first ultrasound she was a little small, in the 25th percentile, and the second one she was in the 17th percentile. So they upped the folic acid they want me to take, told me to have two baby aspirin a day, and told me to eat 120 grams of protien instead of 80. So not fun, but I managed it for two weeks and went back, and it really made a difference. Lily is now in the 37th percentile!! Yay! I was really worried, because they told me if she went under the 10th percentile, there was a good chance I wouldn't carry to term, and now there is much less chance of that. So Lily is doing better, and I'm feeling justified for all the protien I had to make myself eat. Life is good!

Also, my brother got his mission call yesterday! He's going to the Mexico, Tijuana mission, and reports to the MTC on Jan. 30th. Quite a ways away, but he's pretty excited. At least in all probability he'll get to see Lily before he leaves, as her due date is the 20th. So that's nice, beacuse I was kind of sad before when I thought that he would leave before she was born. Now she just better not be late!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

And so it begins...

Well this is our first blog post so we'll throw in a few random things. So Emily's now over 5 months pregnant and we're already impatient. But look at that cute belly.

Emily showing off her growing belly (23 weeks)
She's got her 3rd ultrasound tomorrow (if you haven't heard yet, it's a girl!). We're both really excited with all the baby stuff and we've already painted the nursery, pink of course. And we have the crib and changing table we bought on eBay. We registered at Babies'R'us a couple weeks ago, and we still have to make our way to Target and register there. Baby stuff is so expensive...I'm all for going to Goodwill and DI!

Lily's 1st ultrasound (17 weeks)

Lily's room. We painted it pink with a white stripe across the middle.

Me and Emily are both really enjoying cooking lately. We're trying out new recipes and refining old ones, it's really fun, and yummy too! I've been trying to remember my mom's recipes from when I was younger and teach them to Em so she can make them too. Those meals always bring back good memories (cheesy, I know). Emily loves trying the new stuff on and we've found some good ones there like pulled pork and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. Of course, Emily's latest pregnant craving is Kit-Kats and she eats like 6 small ones a day. So pretty much right now we're both gaining weight, Emily gets to blame it on the baby but I have no excuse.

We'll try and keep up on the posts & pictures, but we're not promising anything.