Friday, February 25, 2011

Week 7

Late again! But still trudging on! There has been much sickness running through the Lemmon household lately, and just when I think we’re starting to feel better, someone else starts acting sick. So that’s most the reason this post is late. It didn’t help that I left my camera at my parents over the weekend and so I didn’t even have it until late Monday. Makes it hard to go through and edit pictures. Next week ought to be interesting, as a lot of the pictures had to be taken with my phone. I guess we’ll see how those turned out.

Feb 12

Feb 12 – My Valentine’s Day flowers! Ben ordered them for me and they came early, lucky me. Actually, they’re still sitting on my mantle looking beautiful and vibrant. Love them.

Feb 13

Feb 13 – Haha! Totally forgot to take any pictures until I was literally climbing in bed. So this is what you get. You’re welcome.

Feb 14

Feb 14 – Happy Valentine’s Day! This is my new Flowering Dogwood, my cute little tree that I got for Valentine’s Day from my sweet husband. I can’t wait till Spring!

Feb 15

Feb 15 – Michael hoping he can snatch some caramel brownie goodness.

Feb 16

Feb 16 – Homemade sugar cubes. Lily was sitting on my lap as I looked through some cute crafty blogs and saw these. Her response was immediate – she just HAD to make them. They were surprisingly fun and not too difficult. Maybe next year I can actually plan ahead to make them on time for Valentine’s Day.

Feb 17

Feb 17 – This one’s for you Clair. Smile I thought this little red bird looked so sweet sitting on the tree right outside our window.

Feb 18

Feb 18 – Poor Lily was sooooo tired this day. She spent the night with her cousin Rachel the night before and stayed up past her normal bedtime. Lucky little girl! But then she couldn’t stay awake the following evening. Ben kept trying to wake her up so she would have a somewhat normal evening, but she just wanted to sleep. It was really sweet.

I’ve gotten a few suggestions about things to take pictures of, and I haven’t forgotten about them, I’m just not on the top of my game yet. But I’ll get there! I’m still open to more suggestions, so feel free to leave a comment telling me what to take pictures of next week. Hopefully you’ll see your comment in picture form soon! Smile

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

She’s going to be (even more of) a handful when she’s a teenager!

The other day Lily was stealing Michael’s sippy again, like she always does. I was starting to lose my patience and I snapped at her, “Lily, just ask for your own cup of milk! Stop taking Michael’s sippy!”

She responds back (with perfect sincerity, honest!), “Wow, I love you too, Mommy.”

Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 6

Right on time, yay for me! I’m still looking for suggestions about what to photograph this week, so please comment and let me know what you would like to see. Thanks!

Feb 5

Feb 5 – Obviously very different from what I normally post. This is a picture I took that came out with way too much light, so I just stared playing around with it to see if I could get the image to come out somehow. This is what I ended up with. I actually really like it. Different, but fun.

Feb 6 Kinda

Feb 6 (Kind of) – Ok, really this was taken on Feb. 5, but I completely forgot on the 6th. I took my camera out once, took two pictures, and deleted both of them cuz I didn’t like them. Then promptly forgot to take any other pictures. Not even anything on my phone, lol. So this is what you get instead. I like the abstractness of it.

Feb 7

Feb 7 – I’m allowed to be amused when my kids cry, cuz I’m their mom, right? He’s just so adorable when he’s grumpy! (He gets his scrunchy eyebrows from me – does that mean I’m adorable too?)

Feb 8

Feb 8 – Pretty moss in the sunlight. The sun flare was a total accident. I’ve got to figure out how to get that flare on purpose, I think it’s just so pretty and romantic. Anyone know how and want to tell me?

Feb 9

Feb 9 – Mom, don’t let Dad see this one till I can get his picture to him, ok? Thanks! It was my Daddy’s birthday last week, and he’s so hard to shop for, so he gets a cute picture of his grandkids. Smile

Feb 10

Feb 10 – I loved that Michael sat right in the spot of sunlight to play with his toys. I’ve mentioned before, but his train set is a favorite around here and gets played with every single day.

Feb 11

Feb 11 – Little people from Michael’s train set. Michael would meticulously set up three little people right next to each other, clap and “yay!” for himself, and then one by one knock them down. More clapping and yay-ing. Repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Simple joys. Smile

Oh, and by the way, Happy Valentines Day! I hope everyone feels lots of love today!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week 5

I feel like I’m obligated to admit this – it’s getting harder. To take a picture every day, I mean. In fact, I completely missed a day during week 6. Oops! But I’m very determined to stick with it. I think the fact that I’m stuck inside without a car this week is making it harder. I feel like I have very little variety, and where’s the fun in taking a picture of the same thing everyday? I think it’s good to be a little frustrated though; hopefully it’ll help me push my boundaries of what I generally take pictures of, and force me to look at things in a new light in order to make it more interesting for myself. Here’s hoping, anyway!

Sorry this is 4 days late. I might be without a car, but for some reason this week has been BUSY! I’ll try to get my Week 6 post up on time. Smile

Jan 29

Jan 29 – Yummy homemade wheat bread. Ben’s Aunt Chris’ recipe – she’s a great baker, and I love her bread. Hers is better than mine, but since she’s in Utah, I’m stuck with mine. Winking smile

Jan 30

Jan 30 – Michael’s introduction to the potty! Lol, he loved it! Hasn’t done anything in it yet, but he thinks he is the coolest kid ever when he sits down on it. We’ll be waiting quite a while yet before we do any real potty training, but we figured introducing him to the concept couldn’t hurt.

Jan 31

Jan 31 – Lily had been begging to go outside and use her chalk she got for her birthday for awhile. We finally had a good sunny day with dry sidewalks/driveway, so we took her chalks outside while Michael napped. She thought it was great for about two minutes, then just kept telling me what I should draw.

Feb 1

Feb 1 – Sweet little Michael, reaching for the birds up in the sky. Or as he calls them, “Tweet-tweets.”

Feb 2

Feb 2 – Lily showing off her awesome outfit! The mittens and glasses really make the look, don’t you think? She actually let me do her hair that day, too, so please admire while you can, cuz I can hardly every get her to keep her hair up for long enough to take a picture.

Funny fact – I made Lily go outside just for this picture. The light in my house makes for wonky pictures sometimes, so I really wanted to use the little sun we had that day. She was actually really cold, and didn’t want to smile, but I promised her a cookie or something ridiculous like that if she would help me get a good picture! Smile Motivation, bribery, call it what you want, but it works! Feb 3

Feb 3 – This was taken while we were at my parents house. My mom made an apple cake with streusel  topping, and Lily took a spoon to the extra streusel. She was nice enough to share with Michael. He doesn’t usually let people feed him anymore, but this time he was perfectly content to let Lily feed him spoonfuls of sugar.

Week Five 074

Feb 4 – Yummm. We love grapes, but it seems like we’d always forget about them in the fruit drawer in the fridge. We started taking them all off the stems at once and placing a huge bowl of rinsed grapes in the fridge. Problem solved. We eat them up so quick now! They are a perfect snack.

Ooooo, I just had a fun idea! Since I’m getting tired of trying to think up new pictures, you guys should tell me what to take pictures of! Week 6 is basically over, but if you comment and tell me what to take a picture of, I will make sure to get a picture of it for Week 7. Deal? Please comment, I would love some new ideas!

Have a great weekend!