Friday, February 25, 2011

Week 7

Late again! But still trudging on! There has been much sickness running through the Lemmon household lately, and just when I think we’re starting to feel better, someone else starts acting sick. So that’s most the reason this post is late. It didn’t help that I left my camera at my parents over the weekend and so I didn’t even have it until late Monday. Makes it hard to go through and edit pictures. Next week ought to be interesting, as a lot of the pictures had to be taken with my phone. I guess we’ll see how those turned out.

Feb 12

Feb 12 – My Valentine’s Day flowers! Ben ordered them for me and they came early, lucky me. Actually, they’re still sitting on my mantle looking beautiful and vibrant. Love them.

Feb 13

Feb 13 – Haha! Totally forgot to take any pictures until I was literally climbing in bed. So this is what you get. You’re welcome.

Feb 14

Feb 14 – Happy Valentine’s Day! This is my new Flowering Dogwood, my cute little tree that I got for Valentine’s Day from my sweet husband. I can’t wait till Spring!

Feb 15

Feb 15 – Michael hoping he can snatch some caramel brownie goodness.

Feb 16

Feb 16 – Homemade sugar cubes. Lily was sitting on my lap as I looked through some cute crafty blogs and saw these. Her response was immediate – she just HAD to make them. They were surprisingly fun and not too difficult. Maybe next year I can actually plan ahead to make them on time for Valentine’s Day.

Feb 17

Feb 17 – This one’s for you Clair. Smile I thought this little red bird looked so sweet sitting on the tree right outside our window.

Feb 18

Feb 18 – Poor Lily was sooooo tired this day. She spent the night with her cousin Rachel the night before and stayed up past her normal bedtime. Lucky little girl! But then she couldn’t stay awake the following evening. Ben kept trying to wake her up so she would have a somewhat normal evening, but she just wanted to sleep. It was really sweet.

I’ve gotten a few suggestions about things to take pictures of, and I haven’t forgotten about them, I’m just not on the top of my game yet. But I’ll get there! I’m still open to more suggestions, so feel free to leave a comment telling me what to take pictures of next week. Hopefully you’ll see your comment in picture form soon! Smile

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Claire said...

YES! My insides did a little dance when I saw my name! I always love these photo posts of yours, and of course, especially the naturey ones. Love the red bird sitting on its branches and LOVE the evening branches in that shot you snapped right before bed. I gasped out loud. So beautiful! You totally have a knack for finding the beauties every day.
Keep 'em coming!