Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 8 & 9

The last two weeks… oh man. Still dealing with sickness, trying to figure out our (huge) kitchen remodel project, tons of other responsibilities. Ugh. I barely have enough pictures from the last two weeks to make up one weeks worth! Photography has just not been my priority lately. Honestly, I could use a little encouragement. This is usually about the point where I would just give up. Obviously taking a picture daily isn’t working out for me right now. But, I really really want to keep going. So, I’m going to keep trying. Really! I’m gonna beg for ideas again – as specific as you can. For some reason I’m just not feeling inspired lately, and I think a nice list of things to photograph would help motivate me. Vanessa, I’m still trying to pick from all the great ideas you gave me. I really like the idea of having an alphabet series where I use a new letter every day in some way as my subject. Either something starting with that letter, or the letter itself… like I said, still working on it. I need to get more organized!

Well, for what it’s worth, enjoy the following pictures!

Feb 24

Feb 24 – My haul from the library. I love to read and go through spurts where I just can’t get enough of it. After getting these, I think I read a book every day for like, 6 days in a row. I would definitely recommend Bright Blue Miracle and The Juliet Club, if anyone’s wondering. Smile

Feb 25

Feb 25 – Sweet Rachel and Lily having a sleepover. Rachel stayed the night and the girls had such a good time. They really enjoy each other.

Feb 26

Feb 26 – My good friend Krystal at her wedding shower. She’s so pretty, and just wait till next week – her wedding dress is gorgeous!

Mar 1

March 1 – The first phase of the afore-mentioned kitchen remodel. There used to be a wall and pocket-door here. Ben has fun tearing things apart.  I mean really, who doesn’t? Winking smile

Mar 2

Mar 2 – Lily and her friend Molly. Lily really adores Molly, and she just loves it when she comes over because she has a kindred spirit to play princess dress-ups with. I like the back lighting in this pic – it kind of makes it look like they were dipped in liquid gold.

Mar 4

Mar 4 – Making rolls for French Dip sandwiches. Very very yummy! I love making homemade bread!  In this shot my KitchenAid is standing on a cutting board that’s placed over the sink. I can’t wait until I have more kitchen space to work in!

There you go! Sorry I skipped a week. I just realized Michael really got shafted the last two weeks. Oops. Next time. Scouts Honor I’ll have a better turn out next week. (Can I still say that if the closest I ever got to scouting was watching my brothers pinewood derby races?)


Stephanie Vogel said...

This will sound cliche coming from a pregnant chick at 36 weeks along but take pictures of food for a week!! I'll enjoy it!! or plants, moving objects, old'd have to be creepy like though in public. :)

Cassie said...

You should do a week of self-portraits. Take a picture of yourself everyday. Use a tripod (if you have one) on some days and don't on others. You'd be surprised how different you look from the different angles.

Darci said...

Love that pic of Molly and Lily. Cute kids!