Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 10

I can’t believe it’s been 10 weeks already! Ok wait, to be completely honest, I can’t believe I’m still going after 10 weeks. But I am! Thanks for your comments last week, I’m getting more and more excited about taking pictures now. The sun visiting once or twice in the last few days might have something to do with that too! Feel free to shout out anything else you would like to see – I know there’s no way I could have too many ideas.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I did miss two days during week ten. But I’m posting 7 pictures anyway. Because I can. Smile

Mar 5

Mar 5 – As promised, a picture of the beautiful bride and her gorgeous dress! Love you Krystal!

Mar 6 kinda

Mar 5 pretending to be Mar 6 – Krystal’s centerpieces at her reception. She had gorgeous black and white damask table clothes with these vases holding real beta fish! It was really awesome. Michael and Lily (but especially Michael) couldn’t get enough of the fishies.

Mar 7

Mar 7 – Lily pushing her very own cart at Ikea. She thought it was pretty much the coolest thing ever. I thought it was pretty much the most annoying thing ever as she wouldn’t listen to me and kept getting in people’s way and wouldn’t let me help guide her. At least one of us had fun!

Mar 8

Mar 8 – Lily showing all of us why sloppy-joes are so named.

Mar 9

Mar 9 – A spontaneous hug amidst dancing and playing. I love those.

Mar 10 kinda

Mar 9 masquerading as Mar 10 – Movement can be so hard to capture, but I love this shot of Lily twirling with her pink teddy bear – which she named Pony. Random.

Mar 11

Mar 11 – Michael' playing on the new car rug I bought at Ikea. We all really like it.

Thank-you again everyone for reading and commenting and encouraging me to keep going. It really means a lot to me!!!!

PS – I promise that one of these days (hopefully within the next couple days) I’ll have a real Lemmon family how’re we doing kind of a post. I’ve been meaning to do it for awhile now and I need to stop forgetting. I seem to do better at getting things done when I tell everyone what I plan to do, so here I am letting you know what to expect and giving you permission to get on my case if I don’t follow through! Winking smile

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