Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 11

Wooh, almost 3 months now and still going! I’m so excited for Spring, I’m going to have so many more opportunities for fun outside pics. Lots of natural light is my favorite way to take pictures.

Mar 12

Mar 12 – My nephew Joseph at his 1 year birthday party. He certainly enjoyed his cake!

Mar 13

Mar 13 – I found out I have daffodils in my front yard! Aren’t they pretty? I had no idea they were there just waiting to pop out of the ground, and it was such a fun surprise.

Mar 14

Mar 14 – Lily on her way to drop off a Netflix for us. She really likes mail and almost everyday when Ben brings in the mail she hopes that there is a letter for her.

Mar 15

Mar 15 – I didn’t realize until after it was dark and the kids were in bed that I hadn’t taken a picture that day. Even Ben wasn’t home, so I thought of the next best thing to take a picture of, and really, the only thing I could think of were all the citrus fruits I had just bought. We’ve been on a huge orange kick lately. We just can’t get enough of them. I love how bright and cheery citrus fruits can be.

Mar 16

Mar 16 – Finally, a picture of Michael! It’s been almost three weeks since I’ve had a good frontal shot of Michael, and I’ve been missing those baby blues. He was showing me the stick he found at the park. Coolest thing ever, right? At least to a 1 year old, anyway. Smile

Mar 17

Mar 17 – This is Lily’s reaction to the card she got from her Grandma and Grandpa Lemmon. It’s a little hard to see if you don’t know her well, but that look on her face? Sweet contentment. She was so happy to get that card!

Mar 18

Mar 18 – My abstract picture of the week. I had read about how you can get almost a macro effect with a normal lens by taking it off your camera body and holding it right in front of where it attaches. You can get closer and let in more light. I thought it was super difficult to do, but it results in this kind of ethereal, hazy picture with really soft light. At least, those were my results when I tried it. I’m definitely going to be trying it again.

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Natalie Lundberg said...

Good job on keeping it up. I love my micro filters only $30 on amazon. fun to play with. Are you still thinking about a photography business?