Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random pics

There’s been quite a few pictures taken over the last few months that I’ll look at and think, “Oh I have to get this one on the blog!” and then it hasn’t happened. So this is my attempt to get those pictures out here and show once again how adorable my kids are, just in case you aren’t convinced yet. :)

Sorry in advance, this is kind of long.

Michael's Blessing 025
Look at that attitude!

Michael's Blessing 005

Michael & Family 024
BIG yawn! And by the way, I can’t believe how little he looks here. Look at those tiny toes!

Michael & Family 040
Her great grandpa’s hat.

Michael & Family 061

Park Fun 056
Doesn’t she look so angelic? (Don’t let her fool you!)

Park Fun 156

Ben's 25 B-day 023
Leg warmers! Lily loves her leg warmers!

Ben's 25 B-day 049

Ben's 25 B-day 068
Michael in Lily’s dolly stroller. :)

Ben's 25 B-day 273
I think my Dad was having more fun than Michael was!

Zoo 014

Zoo 036
Obviously not my kids, but this was so cool – the two lions kept taking turns trying to “attack” each other!

Zoo 041
Look at her go!

Grandmas' B-Days 182

Grandmas' B-Days 223
I love the way her eyes look in the sunlight!

Grandmas' B-Days 257

Grandmas' B-Days 267
Mmm, ice cream!

Puyallup Fair 104
A lot of the time this is the only way I can get things in the kitchen done -  I stick her up on the counter. Hey, it works!

Puyallup Fair 137

Puyallup Fair 160
He gets this expression a lot – just very content. I love it, it makes my heart melt.

Puyallup Fair 164

Puyallup Fair 188

Grandmas' B-Days 208
“Can you hear me now?”

Puyallup Fair 219
Michael is a big thumb sucker.

Conference day 016

Conference day 114

Pumkin Patch 015

Just try and tell me I don’t have the cutest kids in the world. Come on… see, you can’t do it. :) Told ya.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All Smiles

Hi all, Ben here for a change.  I woke up this morning, read Emily’s great post about the pumpkin patch & corn maze, and noticed that there’s so many cute pictures she didn’t post.  So without further ado, he’s a bunch of smile pictures.  I dare you to find a cuter bunch of kids.

Pumkin Patch 010

Pumkin Patch 026

Pumkin Patch 031

Pumkin Patch 002

Pumkin Patch 050

Pumkin Patch 036

Pumkin Patch 062

Pumkin Patch 063

Pumkin Patch 068

Pumkin Patch 087

Pumkin Patch 115

Pumkin Patch 130

Monday, October 26, 2009

“Vedy Muddy!”

On Saturday we met the Roths and the Moyas at the South 47 Farm to do the Corn Maze and pick pumpkins. We had heard that Saturday was supposed to be dry and I was looking forward to good weather. I don’t know about everyone else, but it didn’t occur to me until Saturday morning that just because it wasn’t going to rain didn’t mean it would be dry. As Lily said, it was “vedy muddy!” We were pretty much prepared for that, although we all came home even dirtier than we expected. It was worth it though – everybody had a great time!

Pumkin Patch 137
All ready to go! Doesn’t this look like a First Day of School picture?

Pumkin Patch 155
My sweet family.

Pumkin Patch 152
Jocelyn and Mike Moya

Pumkin Patch 163
Benjamin being shy.

Pumkin Patch 148
Michael all bundled up and ready to go.

Pumkin Patch 167
Our family, pre-mud.

Pumkin Patch 176Lily walking with Mari Moya while I’m trying to get pictures.

Pumkin Patch 177
Experimenting with the mud – it took her a little while to decide she liked it.

Pumkin Patch 221
Benjamin wasn’t such a fan of the mud, though.

Pumkin Patch 184
And cute Jocelyn had NO reservations! She was definitely the muddiest one when the day was over!

Pumkin Patch 232
Lily - 21 months, Benjamin – 2 1/2 years, and Jocelyn – just turned two a couple months ago.

Pumkin Patch 237

Pumkin Patch 202
Don’t ya just love little girl pony-tails?

Pumkin Patch 249

Pumkin Patch 243

Pumkin Patch 238
I *LOVE* this picture of you guys, Stephanie!

Pumkin Patch 247
I just really liked the way the color of the corn pops in all the mud.

Pumkin Patch 256

Pumkin Patch 251fix
I love the sky in this one! I think it captures just how the day felt.

Pumkin Patch 270
All done with the corn maze! For anyone in the area wanting to go, they say it takes 30-45 minutes, but with the kids it took over an hour.

Pumkin Patch 279
Hmm, which pumpkin to pick?

We got our pumpkins after the maze, and by that time, Lily was ready to go home, so we didn’t linger long. I’ve got pictures of our carved pumpkins, but they’re not on the camera yet. I’ll put them up with pictures of the kids costumes after Trunk-or-Treat at the church this Wednesday. I’m really looking forward to that – I made a fairy-princess costume for Lily and she looks so adorable in it! Michael’s going to be a little baseball player. I have the cutest kids ever! :)

On a photography note, I have a couple of questions for the photography-minded who read my blog. I took all these pictures with my Nikon D70s and had it on Aperture Priority with an F-stop of f/4.5 or f/5. I thought I had it on Auto-focus the whole time, but some of them the focus was completely off, focusing on the background instead of the people in the foreground. Here, like this one:

Pumkin Patch 230

I don’t know if you can tell, but the stalks behind the kids are definitely more in focus than the kids themselves. Here, this one shows what I mean even better:

Pumkin Patch 273

If I did have it on auto-focus, why wouldn’t it focus on the subject? Maybe I’m showing how naive I am when it comes to using my new camera, but if anyone knows what I’m doing wrong, can you let me know? I might have just been bumping the focus when I went to zoom in and out, but I thought it would correct itself before it took the picture. Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts, please let me know, I would really appreciate it!