Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random pics

There’s been quite a few pictures taken over the last few months that I’ll look at and think, “Oh I have to get this one on the blog!” and then it hasn’t happened. So this is my attempt to get those pictures out here and show once again how adorable my kids are, just in case you aren’t convinced yet. :)

Sorry in advance, this is kind of long.

Michael's Blessing 025
Look at that attitude!

Michael's Blessing 005

Michael & Family 024
BIG yawn! And by the way, I can’t believe how little he looks here. Look at those tiny toes!

Michael & Family 040
Her great grandpa’s hat.

Michael & Family 061

Park Fun 056
Doesn’t she look so angelic? (Don’t let her fool you!)

Park Fun 156

Ben's 25 B-day 023
Leg warmers! Lily loves her leg warmers!

Ben's 25 B-day 049

Ben's 25 B-day 068
Michael in Lily’s dolly stroller. :)

Ben's 25 B-day 273
I think my Dad was having more fun than Michael was!

Zoo 014

Zoo 036
Obviously not my kids, but this was so cool – the two lions kept taking turns trying to “attack” each other!

Zoo 041
Look at her go!

Grandmas' B-Days 182

Grandmas' B-Days 223
I love the way her eyes look in the sunlight!

Grandmas' B-Days 257

Grandmas' B-Days 267
Mmm, ice cream!

Puyallup Fair 104
A lot of the time this is the only way I can get things in the kitchen done -  I stick her up on the counter. Hey, it works!

Puyallup Fair 137

Puyallup Fair 160
He gets this expression a lot – just very content. I love it, it makes my heart melt.

Puyallup Fair 164

Puyallup Fair 188

Grandmas' B-Days 208
“Can you hear me now?”

Puyallup Fair 219
Michael is a big thumb sucker.

Conference day 016

Conference day 114

Pumkin Patch 015

Just try and tell me I don’t have the cutest kids in the world. Come on… see, you can’t do it. :) Told ya.

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