Monday, October 12, 2009

Denny Creek Camping

FYI: Long post with lots of pictures!!

We love camping, and had to go one last time in 2009 before the weather got too cold. So a couple weekends ago we completely STUFFED the car full of camping gear and took off up I-90 until we got to Denny Creek. It was a gorgeous camping ground, and we found a spot right next to the river with some shade and open area and lots of privacy – pretty much the best spot in the campground. We got there late Thursday evening, set up camp and made dinner in the dark. The kids didn’t get into bed until after 9, and by ten Ben and I had everything set-up and put in the right spots, and were able to enjoy just starring up at the stars for awhile. It was beautiful.

Both the kids slept well, which was so nice of them. We enjoyed the sunny weather, explored the river and campgrounds, and waited until about 5:00, when the Smiths showed up (the Adams were going to come too, like last time, but it didn’t work out. We missed you guys!). The rest of the weekend was lots of fun too. Friday night we had a campfire and roasted marshmallows, Saturday we spent quite a lot of time hiking along the river, taking lots of pictures of the river, pretty rocks, and groovy mushrooms. Saturday afternoon was so relaxing when the kids took a nap and everybody just hung out and read books. Saturday evening was another fire with S’mores this time and Sunday morning we had to pack up and go home. The whole weekend was so nice, a little chilly, but really enjoyable to just be outside and savor the last camping trip of the season.

Puyallup Fair 224
Hanging out in the tent Friday morning.

Puyallup Fair 230

Puyallup Fair 231

Puyallup Fair 236
Firing up the grill Friday morning.

Puyallup Fair 245

Puyallup Fair 246
Apparently breakfast was hilarious.

Puyallup Fair 259
Flowers for mommy.

Puyallup Fair 276
BIG fire!

Puyallup Fair 277

Puyallup Fair 282
My cute family enjoying the fire.

Puyallup Fair 290
Saturday morning, playing by the river. Lily was so happy that the Smiths were there, and wanted Ryan to play with her all the time. It was cute!

Puyallup Fair 294

Puyallup Fair 295
All wrapped up and ready to go hiking!

Puyallup Fair 309
The rocks around the river were so pretty. I didn’t get very many good pictures though, too busy running after Lily!

Puyallup Fair 310

Camping from Katie (190)
Thank-you Katie for taking this picture!

Puyallup Fair 328
One very large tree.

Puyallup Fair 320
We saw so many funky mushrooms.

Puyallup Fair 318
This guy was my favorite.

Puyallup Fair 335

Puyallup Fair 336

Puyallup Fair 339
I just love Washington forests. So pretty.

Puyallup Fair 346
Back at the river near our camp, playing with rocks again. That was a favorite activity all weekend long.

Puyallup Fair 363

Puyallup Fair 369

Puyallup Fair 371

Puyallup Fair 368
Michael was in a good mood, obviously. It’s not too hard to coax a smile out of him.

Puyallup Fair 374

Actually, pretty much everyone was all smiles all weekend, if you can’t tell. We all had a blast and are already looking forward to next summer. But for now, Hello Autumn!

Camping from Katie (80)
(Thank-you Katie for this picture!)


Vanessa said...

looks great! We went camping last weekend too, at Olympic National Park--it was cold, but also very fun. Glad you had such a good time and thanks for posting such cute pictures.

Ashlyn said...

JEALOUS!! So wish we could have been there. LOVE the pictures. And Michael's smile is adorable and he's starting to look more like Ben!

Chippy said...

Love the waterfall picture and the funky mushrooms. I'm sitting here still healing thinking oh I hope the day will come when I feel good enough to do that kind of stuff :)