Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pictures from Tuesday

I mentioned in the last post that I had so many pictures from Tuesday morning when we were outside that I wanted to do a separate post just for them. So here they are!

Colorado 077
Here's Ben helping his Mom out by getting rid of the grass where she wanted her flower bed.

Colorado 079
Lily wanted to help too - she carried around this bucket for the first 20 minutes or so we were out there. Oh, and it wasn't raining or even that cold out, she just wanted her hood on.

Colorado 086

Colorado 090
She has a thing for flowers already. We all had to take a turn smelling it.

Colorado 091

Colorado 092

Colorado 122

Colorado 097
She hadn't really fallen down here, lately she's been playing this game where she likes to throw herself down just like this and pretend that she's fallen. She always looks up at us right afterwards like she's saying, "Did you see that? How silly am I!?"

Colorado 099
See? All smiles now!

Colorado 102

Colorado 110
I really love this picture.

Colorado 112
Sorry for the lack of make-up. Hey, I'm on vacation!

Colorado 114 
Doesn't it look like she's posing all angelic like on purpose? Don't let her fool you!

Colorado 115 - Copy

Saturday, May 30, 2009


For Ben's Mother's Day present to his mom, we decided to go visit his parents in Littleton, Colorado. We actually went a couple weeks after Mothers Day cuz it worked out better. So we left last Sunday and just returned on Thursday. It was so nice to go up there and hang out with them, especially since Lily hadn't seen them since Thanksgiving.

We had a long day Sunday flying there. We had to leave to go to the airport at 7:30 AM, and we didn't get to Colorado until 3:30 PM Mountain time. We had a layover in Salt Lake City, so Lily had to deal with two flights. Fortunately she took a nap in between the flights, and that helped. The first flight wasn't super full, so we had an extra seat next to us, and that was really nice too - Lily had more room to play around and we didn't have to worry about bothering anyone too much. On the second flight, we had a very recently returned missionary sit next to us who was all gung-ho on converting us when he heard we were from Seattle, only to be disappointed to learn we were already members. :)

Lily warmed up to her Lemmon grandparents really quickly. Sunday afternoon was spent mostly resting, hanging out, catching up. We all went to bed pretty early. Monday was Memorial Day, so both of Ben's parents had the day off. They took us to breakfast and then we all went to a park and played Frisbee Golf. Afterwards it was Lily's nap time, and that afternoon Ben and his Dad played racquetball while Lily and I went swimming. It was kind of cold, so Lily didn't have as great a time as I was hoping she would. But she still enjoyed it.

Tuesday both parents had to go to work, so Ben and I were on our own in the morning. Ben helped his mom out by digging in the backyard for a flower bed, and Lily and I just played outside. Ben's dad got home in the late morning (he'd gotten off work early), and Ben's mom got home around 4:30. As soon as she was home we all went to Maggiano's. If you haven't been there yet, we all highly recommend it. It's fantastic. We always get the Family style, where you can order two appetizers, two salads, two pasta dishes, two main dishes, and two desserts. It's a set price per person, and the best part is, they keep bringing more out once you finish it. So you only get two choices per dish no matter how many people have with you, but it's all you can eat, and it's really delicious food! We recommend the chicken and spinach manicotti, and always always get the cheesecake for dessert. Sooooo yummy!

Wednesday was more park and frisbee golf, and racquetball and swimming. We also played Phase 10 (since I'm so modest, I won't mention how I won) before going to bed that night. So, a pretty low-key visit, no big excursions or anything, but it was a lot of fun just being able to hang out with Ben's parents, and Lily had a great time too. We had to wake up way too early (4:20!!) Thursday morning, but we got home safe and sound. It was a great trip, and nice to get away for a few days. And now for pictures! I apologize for the not-so-flattering pictures of myself that will be in here. :)

Colorado 027
Listening to music with Daddy on the plane.

Colorado 036
Playing peek-a-boo with the safety information sheet. She also kept pretending it was a hat.

Colorado 041
The park, Monday morning.

Colorado 046

Colorado 063

Colorado 051
I look way too intense for a simple Frisbee Golf game.

Colorado 064

Colorado 068

Colorado 069
The only swimming picture I could get cuz I didn't want to bring the camera to the pool with me and risk getting it wet (it was only Lily and me in the pool).

Colorado 139
I didn't get any pictures of Lily with her grandparents, I don't know why, so when Ben's mom dropped us off at the airport Thursday morning I got a couple of Lily with her Grandma before we left. This one is my favorite.

I also have a whole bunch of when Lily, Ben and I were outside playing Tuesday morning, but there's so many I'm gonna do a separate post of just those pictures. Sorry Mom and Dad Lemmon that I didn't get more pictures with you guys and Lily together. I'll do better next time!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Yesterday when Ben got into work, his boss asked him if he wanted to go to the Mariners Game, and when Ben said yes, he gave him free tickets! I was stoked. Not cuz I'm a die-hard Mariners fan, really, I just think it's tons of fun to go to the game, eat garlic fries, and cheer till you lose your voice. So we invited my mom and went to the game. Getting there was icky, I-90 was a mess and we ended up being about 20 minutes late. No opening pitch for us. We had a pretty great time though. For the first half of the game, the Marines were pretty much showing everybody how to lose. By the 5th inning we were down 0-4, but then Ichiro got a home run to bring us up 1 point, and the next innng we got 4 more runs, including another home run from Ichiro that gave us two points. So it was a pretty exciting second half. We did leave right after the 9th inning started, as we were all pretty tired and it was way past Lily's bed time (10:15). She was a really good sport the whole night, just getting more and more cuddly as she got tired instead of cranky, which was nice.

Mariners 007
Way up in right field. I was trying to get a picture of how pretty the sky was, but it didn't translate.

Mariners 009
Playing with Grandma. She wanted to be with Grandma a lot, until she started getting tired, and then it was all Mama she wanted.

Mariners 012
My little snuggle-bug. Such a sweetie.

Mariners 021

Mariners 026 
Blowing kisses bye-bye!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Family Night

Last night for family night Ben decided we should go swimming. I thought it was fantastic idea, so after borrowing a preggo swimsuit (thank-you Stephanie!!) and finding one of the four swimsuits we have for Lily (of which she's never worn any before) that fit, we were all set to go. We went to the YMCA in Woodinville and got a family day pass. It took Lily at least 20 minutes to even be semi-comfortable in the water, but after that she really started having a good time. Her favorite thing was passing these two balls back and forth between her and her daddy. It was pretty cute.

Short and sweet today, here are the pictures!

Swimming 023

Swimming 029

Swimming 025

Swimming 026

Swimming 036

Swimming 040

Swimming 031

Swimming 042

She was pretty shivery, I wish they'd made the water a little warmer, but I can't wait to go back. We all had a really good time.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

There's a first for everything

First off, Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there, especially my mom and Ben's mom. You two are wonderful! Ben has made my Mother's Day pretty awesome so far. I got to sleep in until almost 8  while he got up with Lily and made me breakfast in bed, and then I got chocolate. Really yummy chocolate! :) I'm looking forward to the rest of the day. Ben really knows how to spoil me.

So, the "first" I mentioned in the title is that Lily had her first Emergency Room visit last night.  :(  Poor little girl. Here's what happened: we had just gotten out of Black Angus and were walking to the car, so naturally I'm holding her hand fairly tight so she can't dart into the parking lot. But she tried to rush forward anyway, and I heard/felt this big pop in her arm. She immediately started screaming, and wouldn't stop crying for a really long time. And it's not like her at all to cry for a long time when she gets hurt. Even when she bumps her head pretty hard she'll usually stop crying after a couple minutes. But this time she was really upset for the whole car ride back, and she wouldn't move her wrist at all. So we decided to take her to the hospital rather than wait to see if it got better. We figured if it was bad enough she wasn't even attempting to move it, we probably wanted someone to look at it.

We got to the hospital about an hour after it happened, and there was very little waiting room wait, which was good. We were shown into a room, and then we waited for about half an hour before a doctor came in. He looked at it really quick, asked what happened, and said he was going to order an x-ray. But then another doctor came in about 15 minutes later, looked at it, and said that he thought it was Nursmaid's Elbow. All he had to do was pull and twist her arm a little bit, and within a minute or two she was moving around her arm again and playing like nothing had ever happened. Apparently it's something that can happen a lot until a child is about 5, so the doctor showed Ben and I what to do if it happened again so we wouldn't have to come to the hospital to get it fixed if it happens again.

I was really glad that it wasn't a huge deal, not broken or anything. Lily was really cute in the hospital. She stopped crying about the time we got to the hospital, though she would still whimper  and start to cry if her arm was moved. But once we got into the room, she just wanted to read her books with us. Every couple minutes or so she would point to her wrist and say "ouchies" with this sad look on her face, but then she'd go right back to reading. She handled everything pretty well. She still tried to sign, but she would do all her signs one-handed, which was really cute. At one point she almost forgot and started to move her right arm to sign "car" but changed her mind very quickly. Ben and I are really glad that her first hospital visit (and hopefully last for a very long time) was something so easily fixed and fairly minor.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Monopoly Master

That's right!  Your humble Emily Lemmon is now the Monopoly Master of the Lemmon household.  We decided to play Monopoly after we put Lily down for her nap at 4:30, and got it set up and started about 5.  An hour and a half later Ben was thoroughly defeated.  Who ever heard of playing an entire game of Monopoly in an hour and a half?  And that includes eating dinner and feeding Lily after she woke up.  It feels good to win.

Potty Training

It sounds like a lot more of a big deal than we're making it right now, but we've decided to start potty training Lily. We had been talking about it for a couple of weeks, because she seemed to be recognizing when she was going potty in her diaper and letting us know about half the time. So we went out a few weeks ago and bought a toddler potty, and started talking to her about telling us when she needs to go, etc. We're trying not to push anything too hard and just let her realize herself it's something she wants to do. Actually, she's started telling us less often when she needs to go than she used to, but oh well. She's actually gone on her potty successfully a couple times now, and when she does she gets a little piece of red vine. :)

Piper and Lily 045
We're trying to get her to stay on for longer periods of time by reading to her. I should go and buy a couple of those potty books!