Sunday, May 3, 2009

Potty Training

It sounds like a lot more of a big deal than we're making it right now, but we've decided to start potty training Lily. We had been talking about it for a couple of weeks, because she seemed to be recognizing when she was going potty in her diaper and letting us know about half the time. So we went out a few weeks ago and bought a toddler potty, and started talking to her about telling us when she needs to go, etc. We're trying not to push anything too hard and just let her realize herself it's something she wants to do. Actually, she's started telling us less often when she needs to go than she used to, but oh well. She's actually gone on her potty successfully a couple times now, and when she does she gets a little piece of red vine. :)

Piper and Lily 045
We're trying to get her to stay on for longer periods of time by reading to her. I should go and buy a couple of those potty books!

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