Sunday, May 10, 2009

There's a first for everything

First off, Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there, especially my mom and Ben's mom. You two are wonderful! Ben has made my Mother's Day pretty awesome so far. I got to sleep in until almost 8  while he got up with Lily and made me breakfast in bed, and then I got chocolate. Really yummy chocolate! :) I'm looking forward to the rest of the day. Ben really knows how to spoil me.

So, the "first" I mentioned in the title is that Lily had her first Emergency Room visit last night.  :(  Poor little girl. Here's what happened: we had just gotten out of Black Angus and were walking to the car, so naturally I'm holding her hand fairly tight so she can't dart into the parking lot. But she tried to rush forward anyway, and I heard/felt this big pop in her arm. She immediately started screaming, and wouldn't stop crying for a really long time. And it's not like her at all to cry for a long time when she gets hurt. Even when she bumps her head pretty hard she'll usually stop crying after a couple minutes. But this time she was really upset for the whole car ride back, and she wouldn't move her wrist at all. So we decided to take her to the hospital rather than wait to see if it got better. We figured if it was bad enough she wasn't even attempting to move it, we probably wanted someone to look at it.

We got to the hospital about an hour after it happened, and there was very little waiting room wait, which was good. We were shown into a room, and then we waited for about half an hour before a doctor came in. He looked at it really quick, asked what happened, and said he was going to order an x-ray. But then another doctor came in about 15 minutes later, looked at it, and said that he thought it was Nursmaid's Elbow. All he had to do was pull and twist her arm a little bit, and within a minute or two she was moving around her arm again and playing like nothing had ever happened. Apparently it's something that can happen a lot until a child is about 5, so the doctor showed Ben and I what to do if it happened again so we wouldn't have to come to the hospital to get it fixed if it happens again.

I was really glad that it wasn't a huge deal, not broken or anything. Lily was really cute in the hospital. She stopped crying about the time we got to the hospital, though she would still whimper  and start to cry if her arm was moved. But once we got into the room, she just wanted to read her books with us. Every couple minutes or so she would point to her wrist and say "ouchies" with this sad look on her face, but then she'd go right back to reading. She handled everything pretty well. She still tried to sign, but she would do all her signs one-handed, which was really cute. At one point she almost forgot and started to move her right arm to sign "car" but changed her mind very quickly. Ben and I are really glad that her first hospital visit (and hopefully last for a very long time) was something so easily fixed and fairly minor.

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