Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm 20 weeks!

I'm 20 weeks, I'm 20 weeks, I'm 20 weeks!!!!!! I really didn't think I could wait until I was halfway, it seemed like it would take forever... and it did. But now I'm halfway!! And tomorrow Ben and I get to go to the ultrasound and find out for sure what the baby is! (Ben and I, but especially Ben, are fairly certain we already know what it is, but we'll tell you if we were right or not after tomorrow!) I'm so excited. I'm also excited because we are getting a babysitter for the afternoon/evening, and going to go on a date and celebrate Valentine's Day a day early. We're going to The Melting Pot, and all I can say about that is "Mmmmmm." I've been craving it forever. Yum yum yum. Sorry, pregnant cravings showing. Anyway, tomorrow should be a fantastic day!

In other news, a few weeks ago I came across this and decided that I wanted to make my own rag quilt for Lily. It took me a long time to actually go out and buy the fabric (and I spent way too much - next time I'm going to Walmart for the fabric), and then even longer to actually finish cutting and sewing everything together. But I finally finished just a couple of days ago, and I'm really proud of it! It's my first real sewing project since I was like, 8, and I basically did it all by myself (though Ben was very helpful when I was a little hesitant about making mistakes, and cutting all the seams into rags). I don't have a picture right now, only cuz I haven't taken a picture yet, but I will soon.

Grandpa's Birthday 056
Cuz what's a blog without a picture of Lily? She's enjoying mac and cheese here. :)


Vogels said...

Congrats on 20 weeks! It feels good huh? I am proud of you for making a blanket...I am so lame, Id rather buy one. My lack of creativity is to blame..o ya and the fact that I know I would start it and never finish it. Maybe one day..I hope. Put up a picture soon!

Natalie Lundberg said...

I'm think you are having another sweet girl! So I'll have to find out tomorrow if I'm right or not too...have fun on your date.

Vanessa said...

Lily is always so adorable!! Can't wait to hear what the baby is. I'm guessing a boy, just for the heck of it. Way to go for making a quilt, you domestic diva!