Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ben’s Birthday – Part Three

I know, a three part post for one birthday, but Ben’s just that special and totally worth it. For the last celebration of Ben’s 25th birthday, we went over to my parents house for a family day. It was SO much fun. We spent a good deal of the time outside in their ginormous backyard. The weather was great, we enjoyed a yummy dinner, and everyone was just having a fantastic time.

Ben's 25 B-day 179
Wow, he looks good!

Ben's 25 B-day 184

Ben's 25 B-day 187
I *LOVE* this picture of my handsome boys.

Ben's 25 B-day 198 Playing Blongo Ball.

Ben's 25 B-day 203

Ben's 25 B-day 207

Ben's 25 B-day 217

Ben's 25 B-day 221

Ben's 25 B-day 222 
Mary – my parent’s dog.

Ben's 25 B-day 224
My brother Josh – I’m not sure how I managed to get him in focus and the non-moving part of the picture blurry, but I think it looks cool.

Ben's 25 B-day 236
Showing off for the ladies – you know, Lily and my mom and me.

Ben's 25 B-day 241 

Ben's 25 B-day 244 
“What? I like hanging out upside down.”

Ben's 25 B-day 248
My baby sister – I can’t believe she started Middle school this year.

Ben's 25 B-day 258

Ben's 25 B-day 261

Ben's 25 B-day 265 Lovely face from Lily, no?

Ben's 25 B-day 271

Ben's 25 B-day 272
“I’m not so sure about this guy…”

Ben's 25 B-day 285

Ben's 25 B-day 301
Silly faces!

Ben's 25 B-day 305
Look at that sweet baby face.

Ben's 25 B-day 311 Ben’s favorite fresh peach pie – homemade by my mom.



Natalie Lundberg said...

Micheal is so cute! He is growing into a big boy.

Emily, you need to talk Ben into upgrading your camera...with how much you love photography and all!

Emily said...

I would *love* to get a DSLR - any good suggestions? I have no idea how to even start looking for one!

Natalie Lundberg said...

I really like my Nikon d80, but the D40 and d60's are good starters too. I have a favorite lens 50mm 1.8 *makes the super blurred backgrounds that I love. and the auto focus isn't compatible with anything under D60...anyways call me if you want to talk more about it. I buy most my stuff on Amazon.