Monday, September 7, 2009

Ben’s Birthday - Part 2

Part 2 of Ben’s birthday was a day at the park with lots of friends and pizza. We were a little worried about rain, but the weather ended up being perfect and it was a great couple of hours at Marymoore Park. It’s fun that Ben has a summer birthday so we can have yet another excuse to play outside.

Ben's 25 B-day 117
Ben’s favorite cake – german chocolate with homemade coconut pecan frosting.

Ben's 25 B-day 115
Big breath!

Ben's 25 B-day 116 
If Ben hadn’t been able to blow out all the candles at once, the wind would have done it for him that day.

Ben's 25 B-day 118
Mmmm, chocolate.

Ben's 25 B-day 124 
Playing frisbee golf.

Ben's 25 B-day 134

Ben's 25 B-day 137

Ben's 25 B-day 121
Cute Cousin Rachel.

Ben's 25 B-day 123
Little Benjamin refusing to smile.

Ben's 25 B-day 122
Our friend Stephanie with her son Joshua.

Ben's 25 B-day 133
Kind of hard to see, but from left to right: Ben’s brother Daniel, Aaron, Peter with his daughter Piper, little Benjamin, and Dan, Benjamin’s dad.

Ben's 25 B-day 141
Another typical picture of Michael - sleeping through the party.

Ben's 25 B-day 149
Cute Piper.

Ben's 25 B-day 136
Lily playing with Kendra, who came with us to help with Lily and Michael so we could enjoy the party more.

Ben's 25 B-day 159
The happy birthday boy.

Thanks friends for celebrating with us. We hope you had as good as time as we did!

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