Monday, March 8, 2010

New Names

Lily’s imagination is amazing – and hilarious. We love to listen to all the funny random things she comes up with and getting a glimpse of what goes on in her head. In the last week she’s started calling us and herself by different names. Her favorite thing to call us: Ben is Peter, I’m Ashlyn, and she is Piper (hey Adams, she loves you, if you can’t tell). She’s very insistent that any time we talk to her, we have to call her Piper. Ben took her to the store a couple of nights ago, and every time he called her Lily, she’d correct him: “No, say come here Piper!”

Besides Ashlyn, here are the other names I’ve been called in the last week or so:
Peter Pan
Mommy Pink Lizard

Ben gets called Daddy Pink Lizard, and most often Michael gets called Hyrum, though he’s also been called George. My favorite though is what she called Michael today: Michaelhyrumski. Or sometimes it’s just Michaelski. In fact, she’s started adding –ski on the ends of lots of words. I think it comes from Monsters Inc, which we watched a few days ago. The little round monster in it is called Mike Wazowski.

Seriously guys. I couldn’t make this up.


Katie said...

So funny!

HollyAnn said...

It's not only kids who say hilarious stuff! Em, I think you'd get a kick out of this other blog I found.


Jen and Jared said...

Too funny. Don't you love this age?

Natalie Lundberg said...

Aunt Natalie! whoo hoo! You've got a funny kid!

Ashlyn said...

I thought I'd commented on this! But alas, I had not. I love that she loves us. And we love her too! And all of you! Ummmm we also need to see you again soon.