Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Catch-Up

I really want to blog about the last couple of days, cuz I have some cute pictures of Lily I want to put up. But... I also have lots to blog about that happened in the last two weeks that I'd like to write about as well. So I'll play catch-up first.

On the 26 of March my mom turned, well, let's just say a year older, in case she doesn't want me to write what her age is. (She does read this, after all! Hi mom!) Anyway, that morning I decided that Lily and I would drive down to Enumclaw and surprise her. I knew that seeing her grand-daughter would be the perfect birthday present, and I was right! She was totally excited. I don't think she even acknowledged me for like, 5 minutes, she was so happy to see Lily. :) Which is totally ok, cuz Lily is pretty adorable. We mostly just hung out and played with Lily, and ate yummy smoothies. We also had tried gnocchi and both really liked it, and Lily liked it too. I need to remember to try to buy it next time I'm shopping cuz Lily was a big fan and ate more than she normally does. Anyway, we didn't really DO much, just talked and had a really good time. It was nice to surprise my mom like that. I didn't take any pictures, sorry doods.

That same night was the last night of our dance classes. Actually, I don't think I ever mentioned it, but for the month of March, Ben and I took a rumba dance class at Dance Works Studio in Redmond. It was my Valentine's present from Ben. I thought it was an awesome idea, and we both had a really great time for the four weeks we went. It was a once a week class for a month, and we went every Thursday. It's definitely something I want to do again.

That Saturday afternoon we had Benjamin and Joshua Roth over so their parents, Dan and Stephanie, could go on a date. Lily really enjoyed having her friends over. Then that evening we went over to Ben's cousin's house, Paul Mashler, to eat dinner and play Wii. The Dan and Andy Lemmons were also there, and good times were had by all. Then Sunday afternoon my parents and brother and sister came over for dinner and to celebrate my mom's birthday, dump cake style. If you've never had a dump cake, I'm sorry. They're yummy. The version I made, my mom's recipe, is a can of crushed pineapple mixed with a can of cherry pie filling, with a yellow cake mix (just the dry mix, nothing added) dumped on top (get it?) and butter poured over the whole thing. It's really yummy, like a pineapple/cherry cobbler type thing. And since my mom is allergic to milk and eggs (isn't that sad?) it worked really well.

And yeah, no pictures of any of this. Sorry! Although, I really should have gotten a picture of Ben and I dancing. That would be nice to have. Sadness.

The next week was just as busy. Tuesday was Spring break for our friend Peter Adams (who goes to school at the Art Institute of Seattle), so we all went to Woodland Park Zoo. All being Ben, Lily and I, and Peter, Ashlyn, and their daughter Piper. It was good times. I forgot my camera (figures), but Ashlyn took some fun photos and graciously shared. So here are the first pictures of the post!



Doesn't he look just like the statue above? :)


I like flamingos! What's not to like, they're pink!

Ok, well I ran out of steam, and this is already long. So I guess I'll play more catch-up later. In more recent news, Mor Furniture just called and now they can't deliver until the 20th. Lame!

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