Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

I meant to post about Lily's Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, but have been distracted with other things. Fortunately, Ben keeps reminding me so I don't forget, so here I am now!

In Ben's family growing up, the Easter Bunny always visited on Saturday so that they could concentrate on Christ on Easter Sunday, and we decided to let the Easter Bunny know that we'd like him to do that for us as well. So Saturday, after dying the tie-dyed eggs, Ben got the plastic eggs filled with Lily-appropriate goodies - bits of licorice and animal cookies. After the eggs were outside on the grass, we went out, about 7:30 pm. Yeah, kind of late, but it was still light and was nice out still, so it worked. Lily had a really fun time looking for the eggs and putting them in her basket. She can say "eggs" and "basket" and it was really cute. We had introduced the concept of putting eggs in a basket a couple of weeks ago because we really wanted her to get into it, and it worked well, I think. Here are the pics.

Easter Eggs 006
Still walking to where the eggs were. I just thought it was so cute how she carried her basket herself at this point. After she saw the eggs though, I pretty much had to carry the basket for her.

Easter Eggs 009 
Just starting out - if you can't tell, Lily is making her "oooo" face cuz she was excited.

Easter Eggs 013 

Easter Eggs 017
Hoarding her eggs. She really had to be persuaded sometimes to put the eggs in her basket.

Easter Eggs 020 
I just loved her outfit that day. Yes, I picked it out, but I still think I'm allowed to think it's cute. :) The pink shirt was a new shirt she hadn't worn yet, and I was excited it fit.

Easter Eggs 036 
Action shot! She had just figured out that there was stuff inside some of them and started shaking them each time she picked one up.

Easter Eggs 039
This was the closest to a smile we could get her to give us, but she had food in her mouth, so it didn't work so well.

I thought I'd include the next couple shots because we caught her doing some her her signs, which was cool because we don't have a whole lot of pictures where she's doing her signs.

Easter Eggs 040
This is bird, only she always does it backwards.

Easter Eggs 042
This is how she does Mama., which is pretty close to how it's really done.

Easter Eggs 055
And this is cold! Understandably, we went in after she signed that!

Lily had a really good time, and it was lots of fun for us to watch her too. We also went to a ward playgroup Easter Party on Thursday, where they also did an Easter Egg Hunt. Lily really enjoyed herself there too, but I forgot to bring my camera that day.

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