Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First camping trip of the year!

Ben has been dying to go camping for months now, but I kept telling him that it was way too cold. But it finally started warming up and a couple of weeks ago we decided it was definitely time to go. So we called our friends Ashlyn & Peter, and Katie & Ryan, and together we all decided to go camping last weekend. It was such a blast to go as a group like that, I can't wait to do it again. We went to Deception Pass State park and stayed for two nights (except the Adams could only stay one night - it was sadness). The weather was supposed to be fairly warm, but it wasn't quite as nice as we were hoping for. Still, we didn't get rained on, and in Washington that means it was nice. :) And without any further ado, here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip!

Camping 018
I just love her outfit here. The main thing was trying to keep her warm, but I think she looks pretty styling. :) This was Friday night as we were setting up the tents. Lily had a such an awesome time playing in the dirt the whole time.

Camping 022
Saturday morning. Yup, she's wearing sandals over  her footie pajamas.

Camping 025
That's a plastic knife in Ben's hand, trying to stir eggs around, because SOMEBODY forgot the cooking utensils! (ok, ok, it was me. Shhh! )

Camping 029
Trying to get a very close look at all the "wocks!" She's really into rocks lately.

Camping 033 
Pretty beach, and it was only a 5 minutes walk from our campsite.

Camping 036
Me. One of these days I'll remember to get a side angle shot - hopefully I'll remember while the baby is still in there!

Camping 047
My handsome husband with my cute daughter. I'm so lucky.

Camping 051
Lily really likes flowers too, and always wants to smell any flower she sees.

Camping 055 - Copy 
This little guy kept hanging out at our campsite eating all our crumbs. He was pretty fearless, and adorable at the same time.

Camping 063
Lily showing us where her dimples are. :)

Camping 073 
We went back to the beach to try to get sunset pictures, but it was too cloudy, and Lily started getting really tired, so we weren't there very long.

Camping 083
This is grumpy Lily, about 10 minutes after she woke up Sunday morning. She was definitely grumpy and clingy for the first half hour or so after waking up each day.

Camping 096
Now she's happy!

I wish I'd gotten a good picture of how dirty she got, cuz she was definitely (I just decided I use that word too much, but I can't think of a good replacement - eh) the most dirty I've ever seen her. But I didn't. I also didn't get any good pictures of anybody else really. Which is silly, but I think I'm just not used to taking everybody else's pictures without asking first, and usually I only remembered to get the camera out when Lily was doing something noteworthy. Anyway, I know Katie got some really great pictures, so I'm hoping she'll share with me. :) It was a really fun weekend.


Katie said...

:) I still haven't taken the pictures off my camera(been busy all week). But when I do I promise I'll share them...
I like all yours though!

Vanessa said...

ok, now you've made me want to go camping!! Glad you had a great time, and Lily is SO cute!