Thursday, April 9, 2009


I'm so so so glad that Spring has finally decided to say hello! It sure took Winter long enough to leave us alone! I have been so ready for flowers and sunshine and warmer weather for awhile now.

Springtime 105
Isn't this gorgeous! I totally forgot we had these trees at our condo because they've been dead for the last forever. I totally love them.

Springtime 096

Springtime 100
This makes me happy - green leaves! (At this point after our long winter, I'm easily overjoyed by the site of bright new-life green, as opposed to evergreen-tree green.)

To celebrate the fantastic weather, Lily and I have been outside as much as possible. Both Monday and Tuesday we picked Ben up from work and went straight to a park (ok, Tuesday was dentist and then straight to a park), and on Tuesday Lily and I had already played outside on two separate occasions before we went to the park with Ben. It was lots of fun. Both of us got a touch pink in the face, but we were happy.

Springtime 062
At Marymoor park in Redmond. I love that place. It's so HUGE! We had a picnic dinner there Monday early evening before we went to Mor Furniture. Interesting trivia: Right next to that big tree behind Lily is where Lily sat up all by herself for the very first time. (Picture here.)

Springtime 064 
Trying to run away from us.

Springtime 065 
She was starting to get tired by the time we were leaving. (I love the tree branches behind Ben. More proof that spring is here!)

Springtime 104
Playing outside our condo.

Springtime 109
She loves flowers, and though is was really cool that there was so many on the ground that she could pick up.

Springtime 118
She was also very intrigued with the rocks, and started collecting as many as she could hold. I think she got up to 7. :)

Springtime 136
Sharing with me. I think she figured out she could get more rocks if she let me hold some of them.

Springtime 121
It's such a cool rock.

Springtime 122
This was as close as I could get her to actually looking at the camera. She was just too busy to do things like pose.

Springtime 146
At the park again, Tuesday afternoon. I forgot the name of this park, but it's right on the river in Woodinville (the bike path goes through it) and we love it.

Springtime 145
I was so impressed with myself for capturing the exact moment she was in the air.

Springtime 148
Climbing up all by herself.

Springtime 149 

Springtime 152
Swinging with Daddy...

Springtime 156 
and Mommy...

Springtime 169
and all by herself.

Springtime 172 - Copy
I really like this one of us.

Wow, 6 posts in the last 5 days - I'm really on a role. And I still have more I want to blog about, cuz I've taken tons of cute pictures the last couple of days. In fact, when I emptied out my memory card last, there was 175 pictures, and that was just in 2 days. I went kind of snap happy. :) So I'll be blogging again real soon...

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Natalie Lundberg said...

Cute pictures! I've been snapping pictures of a bunch of new green/buds/flowers I'm excited about spring too! It's only off and on spring here yuck!