Sunday, April 5, 2009

Look, I'm blogging!

And since it's been over two weeks, there's lots to blog about, so get ready for a long post. :) Actually, it'll probably be mostly a picture post, just cuz that's the easiest way to chronicle the Lemmon family adventures.

Playing outside 007
Hanging out at my parents home. We were there for a ward activity that my mom and I helped plan, and it was a lot of fun. Lily always loves going to her "Ga-ga" and "Paw-paw's" house (as she calls them) and she LOVES playing with Mary, their Gordon Setter. She's a great dog.

Playing outside 008
See? Isn't she sweet?

Playing outside 012 

Playing outside 014 
Mary's going to be waiting awhile her Lily to throw the ball. We're still working on throwing.

Ever heard of a blood orange? I'd heard of it before, and when I saw them on sale at Top Foods a couple weeks ago I decided to buy a couple and see what they were like. They look like a normal orange on the outside, maybe tinged slightly red, but on the inside...
Playing outside 041
is this.
 Playing outside 040
Very red. And when I tasted it, not so yummy. They weren't really citrusy, or sweet, or something. They just didn't have the typical burst of orange flavor that I love about navel oranges.

Playing outside 044
But Lily liked them! Not that she's smiling here, but I promise she did. It really did kind of look like she was drooling blood. Kind of creepy. :) I imagine they could work well for some sort of Halloween prank. I'll have to start thinking about that...

FHE at Dodo's 002 
I like this photo. Ben thought we were really cute so he took a picture. I'm glad he did because I don't have bunches of pictures of Lily and myself. Lily was really really grumpy after waking up from her nap cuz she was still tired, and she ended up falling back asleep on my lap as I tried to calm her down, so I did the only sensible thing and took a nap too. We slept like that for over an hour and a half. It was nice - kind of like having an infant again, since Lily hardly ever sleeps in our arms anymore. Just three more months and I'll have the real thing!

FHE at Dodo's 006
I don't know why Lily started playing with Ben's scout shirt, but she wanted to put it on. She really likes dressing up. She's such a girly-girl already.

FHE at Dodo's 009

FHE at Dodo's 011 
Look at that little pot-belly! The tights really emphasize it cuz her tummy just hangs right over them.

FHE at Dodo's 013
Hi! (She'll probably hate me one day for these.)

So, two weeks ago, we got together with the other Washington Lemmons, Ben's brother Dan and his wife Andy, and Lily's cousin Rachel for FHE. And Ben's cousin Paul Mashler came too, with his wife Joanna, and kids Geneva and Stephen. Oh, and Andy's younger brother Jonathan was there too. We had a yummy pizza dinner, and a good time hanging out, and then for the FHE activity, Ben came up with the idea of making homemade bubble solution and blowing bubbles! It was a big hit with all the kids.

FHE at Dodo's 025

FHE at Dodo's 022
We cheated a little and used store-bought bubbles to help fill in the gaps while the grown-ups got the big bubbles going.

FHE at Dodo's 034
Andy was pretty good with her medium sized blower (we used cookie cutters).

FHE at Dodo's 036
Ben working on a big one. They bigger ones we used wire coat hangers shaped into circles, but they were a lot harder to do.

FHE at Dodo's 044
Paul's pretty proud of himself here. :)

FHE at Dodo's 055
My little sweetie-pie having fun just running around. As the youngest one there, she didn't get to pop many bubbles, because they were usually all already popped by the time they got to her level! She still had tons of fun though.

FHE at Dodo's 018
Rachel's such a doll. I love that Lily and Rachel are growing up so close to each other. I never had cousins close to me (distance wise) so I'm glad that Lily and Rachel are just 45 minutes away from each other. They already have lots of fun when they get together.

For one reason or another, dropping off our rings to get cleaned I think, we were at the mall awhile ago - Bellevue Square. Recently they made a new play area for kids on the third floor, so we went there to let Lily run around. She didn't climb on the toys as much as we thought she would, but she still had a great time.

FHE at Dodo's 064 

FHE at Dodo's 065

FHE at Dodo's 068 

FHE at Dodo's 069

Ok, this is really really long, so I'm gonna split it into a couple posts. I should probably split this one too, but oh well.

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