Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bullet points

I've seen other people blog with bullet points, and I think it's an excellent idea when you don't want to write much. Which I don't. :)


  • My mom and Anna came over and we all went to the Seattle Science Center to hang out with Elizabeth Steininger (an long-time family friend)
  • The Science Center was having a Spring Fling type deal and had lots of fun activities, including animals like llamas and donkeys, which Lily enjoyed. It was good times.


  • Earlier in the week Monica called, a friend I used to nanny for before I had Lily, and wanted to get together. So Lily and I went over there.
  • It was lots of fun to see Katalia again (her first daughter) and meet her 7 month old daughter Gabriella.


  • Ben and I dropped Lily off at Stephanie Roth's, and got to go to the Temple.
  • It was really nice, we haven't been to a session in awhile, plus we finally remembered our family names we've been meaning to do for awhile.


  • General Conference! I might have fallen asleep a little bit, cuz we watched it at home, but only a little bit!
  • I especially liked the first talk in the morning session about preparing for financial stability and living within our means. I thought it was very relevant to our economy right now.
  • And as always on a Saturday, Lily loved having her Daddy home all day, and was being extra cute. Pictures to follow.
  • During the Priesthood session, Stephanie came over with her boys and so did Katie Currie to eat dinner and hang out. It was lots of fun to have a girls night, and we definitely need to do it again.


  • More General Conference, enjoyed courtesy of the internet from the comfort of our home.
  • After the second session, Ben and I took Lily for a walk in the park to enjoy the beautiful sunshine that finally decided to come out. It was so nice!

The next three pictures are from Saturday -

FHE at Dodo's 090
We recently borrowed this booster from my parents so we would have another little kid eating chair for when we have guests, and Lily loves to play in it, and always wants us to help her get strapped in.

FHE at Dodo's 091
I asked her where her smile was, and this is what she did!

FHE at Dodo's 094
She always makes this face at us, where she bends her neck down, and then looks up at us from the very tops of her eyes. It's so funny, and she always waits for us to do it back to her, and doesn't stop until we start laughing, and then she'll start laughing too. She's pretty adorable like that. :)

FHE at Dodo's 100
From Sunday, she decided she wanted to  play with her hat. I wish she'd actually wear them when we go out, but oh well.

FHE at Dodo's 099

 FHE at Dodo's 105 - Copy
Another pose after I asked her "Where's your smile?"

 FHE at Dodo's 114
At the park! It was so nice to get outside after a long conference weekend.

FHE at Dodo's 115
One of just me, since I don't put a lot of those on the blog. I should have had Ben get a side shot so you can see the growing belly, but I didn't think of it. I'll try to get one soon.

FHE at Dodo's 118
My good-looking husband! I think he looks hot in sunglasses.

FHE at Dodo's 108
Look! We saw a bald eagle!

Yay, I can start blogging about this week! More posts to come. Stay tuned!

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