Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm so excited!

Ben and I have been talking for a couple months now about how it would be really nice to get a new sofa. It's been on our minds for awhile, but we didn't really want to spend the money. But a couple days ago we started talking about it again, and we started looking at sofas online. Yesterday we decided to visit Mor Furniture (check out their website, they are having some great deals right now, plus they have really good prices all the time anyway). And I'm so so excited because we bought one! I can't wait until it's delivered. Actually we bought a couch and a chair and ottoman. We went with the intention of finding something super comfy and cuddle-friendly, and we got the deepest couch in the store. It's probably twice as deep as the couch we have now. It's amazing!! I totally fell in love with it. I'll post pictures of it as soon as it's actually here. So, if anybody is in the market for some well priced furniture - and they have all sorts, tables and chairs and bedroom sets, etc - you should check out Mor Furniture. We like it. :)

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Vogels said...

Holy cow there prices are amazing!!! I want a couch...hmm we need a bed first.. We have to buy a bed asap when we move home since we wont have one.The couch will have to wait.