Monday, November 9, 2009

Naked Time

We’ve been potty training Lily for awhile, and we could tell it was making an impression, but she just didn’t seem to care when she went in her diaper. It was like, yeah, going on the potty is cool, but not that big of a deal. I have this handy diaper, why bother? We knew she could tell when she needed to go, so we decided to take it to the next step – naked time.

So Lily has pretty much been having naked time since Friday morning, and honestly, it’s going a lot better than I thought it would. She’s had a few accidents, but only 3-4 since we started, and I can tell that she’s starting to feel really proud of herself when she does go on the potty. It’s exciting! I think we’ll make the transition to pull-ups all the time pretty quickly.

Anyway, I got a few pictures of Lily enjoying her freedom from clothes. She insisted that Michael have some naked time with her, and I thought they were just so cute together, I couldn’t resist taking some pictures. Don’t worry, it’s all g-rated. :)

Halloween 465
Hanging out in the crib. I’m not sure what she’s doing with her hands, but I thought it made for a funny picture!

Halloween 469
Michael was a fan of naked time too.

Halloween 472

Halloween 479
These two are already great friends, it’s so sweet. I love watching them play and interact together. Whenever Michael wakes up from a nap, Lily immediately asks to sit with him in her rocking chair, and when Michael sees his sister his face just lights up with a big grin. I love that they are growing up together and that all of their memories will include the other one.


Jen and Jared said...

That's so cute. It's like she's trying to be modest by covering herself in the first picture. You've got two very cute kids there!

Natalie Lundberg said...

Em, Iove your new blog header! esp the one of Micheal, it's great. Good luck potty training!