Sunday, November 8, 2009


For Halloween this year I really wanted to make Lily a princess outfit. But I got intimidated by trying to sew that much and decided she could be a fairy princess instead. So I put together a blue tutu (she picked out the color) with pink ribbons and made her a little link wand. I think it turned out pretty cute! Michael was a baseball player, but he’s so bundled up in all the pictures we took that you can’t tell! Sad, but I’ll try to dress him up again and take another picture.

Halloween 260
Trunk or Treating at my parents ward.

Halloween 280
You can kind of see Michael’s little outfit… kind of.

Halloween 313
Much cuter without the coat.

Halloween 319
That’s the lens-cap for my camera! Apparently I was taking too many pictures!

Halloween 373 This is my Grandpa Bob. Growing up we were neighbors to him and his wife, and even though we aren’t related, they were always Grandma Sheila and Grandpa Bob. Grandma Sheila passed away when I was 13 and we moved away a year or so later, but we’ve still stayed close to Grandpa Bob. Ben and I stopped by to say hi with the kids on our way home from my parents house on Halloween. It was Bob’s first time meeting Michael, and it made me so happy to see the smile on his face when he saw us. Doesn’t he just look so pleased?

Halloween 370
I love this picture too.

It was always the tradition when I was a kid to go over to Grandpa Bob and Grandma Sheila’s house on Halloween night to show them our costumes and get pictures taken. So it seemed fitting that we were able to do this with Lily and Michael too!

Halloween 375

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Jenilee said...

I just happened on your blog tonight and I had to comment on your header! what a cute photo! :)