Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Rachel’s two! Last Saturday we went to Rachel’s (Lily’s cousin who lives in Auburn) birthday party.  It was a small family party with Andy’s parents and brother, us, and one of Dan and Ben’s cousins, Paul Mashler, with his family there. Rachel kind of hung back at first, mostly because she had just woken up when the party was starting, but pretty soon she was playing with the other kids and she had no problem tearing into her presents! Actually, some of the other kids had no problem “helping” her! :) After presents we all enjoyed cupcakes and ice-cream and some other snacks. It was really fun, especially since it’s been so long since we’ve hung out with Dan and Andy and Fam. Thanks for inviting us, guys!

Rachel's 2nd B-Day 012
Rachel still warming up to the party while sitting in her mom Andy’s lap. Andy just passed the halfway mark in her second pregnancy!

Rachel's 2nd B-Day 014Cute Neva, Paul and Joanna Mashler’s little girl.

Rachel's 2nd B-Day 028Playing Ring Around the Rosie – Rachel decided to join in!

Rachel's 2nd B-Day 033I think this one is so cute of Neva and Stephen Mashler holding hands.

Rachel's 2nd B-Day 041   Funny lighting, but I like this picture anyway. Hmm, remind me to wear lipstick next time.

Rachel's 2nd B-Day 049Bubbles!Rachel's 2nd B-Day 075Look at Rachel’s sweet little curls.

Rachel's 2nd B-Day 082Opening presents!

Rachel's 2nd B-Day 091

Rachel's 2nd B-Day 092I love her red hair.Rachel's 2nd B-Day 100Dolly!

Rachel's 2nd B-Day 117Unwrapping her present from Lily – it took quite a bit of persuasion to get Lily to give up the ball so I could wrap it, and then as soon as Rachel had it unwrapped and had moved on to the next present, Lily claimed it for the rest of the night! I guess I know what to put in Lily’s stocking now!

Rachel's 2nd B-Day 130Rachel was a big fan of this cute pink pig!

Rachel's 2nd B-Day 155We’re starting to think that Michael might walk early too, as he’s showing the same preference for standing that Lily did. We’ll see!

Rachel's 2nd B-Day 160Cake time! The cupcakes Andy made we’re cute little rainbow cupcakes and were super yummy.

Rachel's 2nd B-Day 173Mmmmm….

Rachel's 2nd B-Day 174Yummm!

Rachel's 2nd B-Day 178Jonathan, Andy’s little brother.

Rachel's 2nd B-Day 183

Rachel's 2nd B-Day 184As you can see, the cupcakes were enjoyed by all.

Rachel's 2nd B-Day 164


Happy Birthday Rachel!

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Andy Lemmon said...

The party was a lot of fun! Thanks for posting the pictures. I think you got more than we did! Rachel is still a fan of that stuffed pig. She'll carry it around saying "oink." so cute!