Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 3

As promised!

Jan 15

Jan 15 – My beautiful sister! She just turned 13, and this was right after her first performance onstage. She did great! Love you Anna!

Jan 16

Jan 16 – The booty from my brother and sister’s combined birthday party. They always have a combined party  - they were born on the same day, but are five years apart. Smile

Jan 17

Jan 17 – Lily playing in the chef’s outfit she got for her birthday from her cousin Rachel. She loves it – Thank-you Rachel and Andy!

Jan 18

Jan 18 – Another time where we were about to go to bed and I realized I hadn’t taken a picture all day, so I snapped my husband right before he went to change. And I’m so glad I did, I love this picture of him. He’s so handsome.

Jan 19

Jan 19 – A very typical early morning at our house. Ben gets up with the kids so I can exercise, and they always crowd around him when he tries to eat.

Jan 20

Jan 20 – Not my favorite photo of myself, but I’m trying to get better at self portraits. Plus I thought maybe you’d want to see my new blond (or as Lily calls it, yellow) hair.

Jan 21

Jan 21 – There have been a lot of these all over the house lately. Our new train sets that Michael got for Christmas are played with every single day, the kids love them so much.

I’m already looking forward to going through the pictures for week 4 because guess what? I’m starting to shoot in full manual mode! I’m really excited about it. I’ve been reading lots of different blogs with tons of amazing advice, and I’ve gotten out my camera’s manual so I can become more familiar with the way my camera works. It’s helping so much. I’m already noticing an improvement in my photos, and even though it’s definitely harder, I feel like it’s worth it. I’m really enjoying learning all I can about my camera and how to take better pictures.

So now that I’ve hyped myself all up, my pics next week better be good, huh? Smile Wish me luck!


Andy Lemmon said...

you're welcome!

Vanessa said...

Hey Emily, I've always thought your photos were high quality. And I love that you are keeping up with the weekly posts and daily pictures. I'm excited to see next week's installment.