Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Jack-O-Lantern Fun

Ben's is the Stormtrooper, while I just made something up.

This was our Family Home Evening last night. I was really excited when Ben suggested we do this, and we both had a lot of fun, first picking out the pumpkins and then carving them. I took forever to come up with how I wanted to carve my pumkin, while Ben found something he liked right away. He was very excited about doing a Star Wars pumpkin and at first couldn't decide between Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper. I thought both would be really hard, but he chose the Stormtrooper and had a lot of fun carving it out. I looked through lots of templates, but in the end just made something up. I was going for scary, but I don't know how scary it actually is. We started at the same time, and even though mine was simpler, Ben still finished before me. We both had a really good time, and are very proud of the results.

Sitting by our respective pumpkins.

Ben and I are trying to come up with costumes for a friends Halloween Party that's coming up in less than two weeks. Any ideas? I wanted to be a Cheerleader, and Ben to be a Football player, but that's proving very hard to come by, at least within our budget. My mom suggested I could be a big Bumblebee, and Ben could be Winnie the Pooh dressed as a little black rain cloud... I'll probably look into that cuz that could be really cute. Anyone have any other ideas?


Vanessa said...

Cool pumpkins! You guys rock. Sorry, no ideas for a costume, I am actually starting to think of the same thing! I like the idea of doing something coordinated, but we'll see if we actually put that much effort into it:)

Jefferson said...

The stormtrooper pumpkin gets my vote for president

xcaliber2001ad said...

Emily said: 'but he chose the Stormtrooper...I looked through lots of templates'

Why'd you have to look through lots? Obviously, should've just chosen Darth Vader to complete the set!

So, was Ben supposed to dress up like Pooh? Or a rain cloud? Or Pooh dressed up like a rain cloud?

...Well, I'm already dressed up as a Pooh Stick since I'm still Stick Boy (though I gained *some* sympathy weight...ask Andy).

Hey I got it! Emily could be Kanga w/ l'il Roo not quite out yet. Ben could be some kind of Pooh...or maybe Mr. Sanderz, whoever that is.