Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Genetically Modified Fish

So we lost a few fish lately (we're hoping it's from old age, but it's impossible to tell with fish), so we went to the pet store the other day, and saw these really bright (neon bright) fish, and decided to get some of those. We got 3 of them (1 orange, and 2 red), and 1 died in the bag on the way home, and 1 died later that night. Luckily they have an exchange policy if they die within 15 days, so we got two new ones. Then one of them decided to get aggressive and kill another one. So we took back the dead fish and the overly aggressive fish and for the time being have a happy, alive community of fish. So we come to find out that they're genetically altered fish ( Wierd, huh? They're cool looking and I hope they last and stop killing each other (they aren't supposed to be aggresive).

On a separate topic...I decided to be cute and buy some lilies for Emily and she absolutely loves them. They're all bloomed now and way pretty and they make the whole house smell great.


Vanessa said...

Weird, your blog says you posted it at 8:48, but it's only 8:02 right now. You must have gone back to the future or something. Cute fish and flowers. You should get one of these fish next:
By the way, if that didn't work, it's supposed to be a cowfish. Look it up, it's weird:)

Robert said...

Creepy fish is creepy.

I love you guys!!!