Saturday, October 27, 2007

28 weeks

Emily had her 4th ultrasound the other day and Lily is doing well. She's in the 32nd percentile for weight so they're a lot less worried, but they're still going to do monthly ultrasounds to check on her. The ultrasoundologist (I know that's not the real word, but I'm too lazy to look up the real word) turned on the 3D mode for a little while and that was really cool to see. The pictures are so much clearer there.

Lily looking like Captain Hook

Lily in 3D. So cute!


Andy Lemmon said...

Glad to hear that Lily's doing well. Thanks for the ultrasound pics. She is cute!

xcaliber2001ad said...

Hopefully you don't get people references to your blog from the search '28 weeks' (lame rehab movie bout Sandra Bullock, but much better than '28 weeks later' which I hear is some wacked out zombie..).

Yeah, Lily in 3D is pretty cool... We'll get to see our baby in 3D soon!

Vanessa said...

she looks like she has Emily's nose! Cute!

Julie Smith said...

the ultrasoundologist is really called a sonographer. The other name for an ultrasound is a sonogram

Ben said...

I like ultrasoundologist better!