Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunny Days

We’re finally having some sunny days around here and it’s making me so happy! I haven’t been taking nearly as many pictures as I want to because the light in my house is pretty horrible if it’s not a sunny day. It gets really monotonous to constantly be changing the brightness and the coloring on almost every single picture I take to get them to look nice, so I just haven’t been getting the camera out much lately. But this week has finally been bright and warm and happy and it was so nice to take my camera out and get some fun pictures of the kids playing just cuz I could.

We also went to the park yesterday, and it was really cute to let Michael crawl around on the grass and try to figure out what it was. And I couldn’t really get a good picture, but he LOVES swinging. It’s so cute to watch him smile so huge and giggle every time I look at him. I think Lily’s favorite was feeding the ducks. She carried the bread from the house to the car and from the car to the river, never letting it out of her grip until we got to the ducks. She was very careful to stay away from the edge and had lots of fun tearing the bread into pieces and throwing it into the water all by herself. The only less-than-fun part of the day was the rooster incident. She was very excited when she saw a rooster and started walking up to it. The rooster wasn’t frightened at all and walked right toward her, and Lily freaked out. Started screaming so loudly and crying. I felt so bad for her! She wasn’t hurt at all, just scared, but she wouldn’t walk near the rooster anymore, I had to carry her. Hopefully she won’t have a pathological fear of roosters for the rest of her life.

Anyway, these are all my favorite pictures from the last couple of days. You might noticed Lily’s busted lip. She fell off a bar stool and cut it up pretty bad. I was actually worried it might need stitches – fortunately (for all of us!) it didn’t!

Enjoy this great weather! We sure are!

Sunny Spring 002 
Sunny Spring 007
Sunny Spring 028

Sunny Spring 029
Sunny Spring 030I love this picture!

Sunny Spring 032
Sunny Spring 041
Sunny Spring 042
Sunny Spring 047He’s waving now! It’s so cute. He also said Mama for the first time the other day. :)

Sunny Spring 080The beginning of the unfortunate rooster incident. I stopped taking pictures once I realized Lily thought she was about to lose her life.

Sunny Spring 075
Sunny Spring 077 Sunny Spring 081  
Sunny Spring 082
Sunny Spring 089
Sunny Spring 099He probably didn’t need the hoodie on. It was pretty warm. I just thought he looked so adorable in it I didn’t want to take it off him.
Sunny Spring 100

Sunny Spring 096 
Sunny Spring 102
Sunny Spring 104

Sunny Spring 105

Sunny Spring 114Lily was really good at sharing… of course, she was sharing the bag of food I’d originally packed for Michael anyway. It was still cute.

Sunny Spring 121

Sunny Spring 119   
Now for the spring photos!! I love taking pictures of all the flowers and trees blooming now.  They’re so colorful and pretty, plus they don’t run away right when I’m about to take their picture. ;)  

Sunny Spring 132
Sunny Spring 129
Sunny Spring 126
Sunny Spring 133
Sunny Spring 073
Sunny Spring 068
Sunny Spring 067



(Only 31 pictures… that’s not too many right?)


Natalie Lundberg said...

Emily, I love the last few with the pink blooms so pretty! We are lovin the warm weather too

Vogels said...

I love the pictures!! The pink blooms are my favorite too

Vanessa said...

we continue to be impressed with you pictures! Not only are your kid's stinkin' cute, but you produce excellent quality photos--lighting, framing, etc.

Darci said...

Cute Kids!!!