Saturday, April 10, 2010

Belated Easter Post

Our Easter celebrations were lots of fun this year. Lily really got into dying the eggs this year and lucky her, she got to do it twice - once at her friend Jocelyn’s house and once at home. Of course I forgot to get the camera out when we were at our friends house – juggling two kids and cups of dye makes me forgetful, I guess. At least I remembered when she was hunting for eggs. She was all about the candy inside the plastic eggs. Once she realized there was candy inside she didn’t need any more encouragement. She wanted to find every single one. She participated in two eggs hunts, one at the church’s playgroup and one at home. I thought it was hilarious when she found a hard-boiled egg. Every time she picked one up she’d get this funny look on her face and say “It’s cold!” and hand it to one of us.

Ben and I both enjoyed conference; what we were able to hear of it, anyway. I think it’s great how they never plan a theme, but there’s almost always a recurring topic among the talks. I loved Sis. Beck’s talk, and I can’t wait for the Ensign to come out so I can read it again. We also had a fun dinner and evening with my family who came over for the second session. I got to cook a big ham dinner, which of course I loved doing, and it was really nice to have my family over here and hanging out with us. We missed you Jonathan!

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