Saturday, July 25, 2009

Independence Day

So yes, this happened before I even had Michael, but we had a great time that day and took some fun pictures, and I wanted to share them.

Last year we were invited to hang with the Adams Family (du du du du, snap snap[sorry Adams, couldn't help it]) for the Fourth, and we were really really hoping they'd invite us again this year. And so they did! It was great. A big bring your own meat BBQ with lots of sides, fruits, and chips, and then tons of yummy dessert at the end. And of course, fireworks! This was in Monroe, where fireworks aren't illegal, and so there was plenty of places to look for some fantastic pyrotechnic displays, and we didn't have to deal with large crowds or traffic like we would have had we gone to a big show. The whole night was lots of fun, and we're already looking forward to next year! Thanks Adams!

4th of July 012
Lily enjoying an otter pop. We wouldn't let her have her own,but she didn't mind just taking bites of ours.

4th of July 020
Lily and Piper looked so cute in their pseudo matching dresses, but only Piper was happy enough to smile for the picture.

4th of July 040 
Last family picture while I was pregnant!

4th of July 043
I had lots of fun playing with the settings on my camera, trying to capture the fireworks. I few of them actually came out pretty good, especially considering I was using a digital camera and really haven't played around with the manual settings a whole bunch.

4th of July 035
When I first saw this picture, I was disappointed because I thought my hand had been shaking. But then I realized they didn't all zig-zag the same direction, and I must have just captured their individual zigs and zags. Then this became one of my favorite pictures!

4th of July 072

4th of July 073

4th of July 056

4th of July 028
My favorite picture of the night.

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Chippy said...

Love the firework pictures and that last pre-Michael family picture is so great. I hope I look that good days before delivery :)