Monday, December 8, 2008


So I said I would post pictures of the Thanksgiving trip and then I got busy doing other things. So here's the post.

Colorado 023
The four girl cousins that were there! Bethany's the oldest, Savannah is her sister and is 14 months (she's left), Lily in the middle, and Rachel on the right is 12 months. The three babies had a lot of fun playing together, it was really cute to watch them all week.

Colorado 049
So Fun! Rachel, Savannah, Lily. There were bubbles in there at one point, but they were in there for awhile and most of them are gone by the time this picture was taken.

Colorado 031
Lily was squatting almost the whole time. She didn't like to sit completely down. Silly.

Colorado 060
I love Savannah's smile! Adorable!

Colorado 066
One night Lily fell asleep on Grandpa's lap. It made him pretty happy (really! even though you can't tell in this picture! lol). It was really cute!

Colorado 088
I tried to get a good picture of all the girl babies playing together, but they didn't like to pose for the camera nicely for some reason! ;) So this is the best I got.

Colorado 091
Cute Nathan - he loves Superman, and wore his Superman cape, or a superman shirt almost everyday! Cutie! Nathan is Bethany and Savannah's brother.

Colorado 074
The only picture I got of Thanksgiving dinner! Sad. Eric carving the turkey, and Debbie setting the food out.

Colorado 106
A picture with all four babies! Again, I couldn't get one where they're all sitting nicely together, or anything like that. Way too active! Colton, along with Natalie and Ted, didn't get there until Thursday evening, so it wasn't four babies until Friday and later. Colton was the youngest at 8 months, but he was pretty mobile and held his own with all the girls. :) It was really fun to have so many babies around!

Colorado 118
Look at those beautiful animals!! We really loved seeing the lions.

Colorado 129
Family picture at the zoo.

Colorado 148
Lily checking out the Komodo dragon. This was tropical area, and Lily really liked walking around, checking out the lizards, fish, etc. She was kind of a handful because she just wanted to walk around, not be held very often.

Colorado 200
Lily got really tired at the end and zonked out about 20 minutes before we left. What a Cutie-pie.

Colorado 210
My sweet husband putting my candles on my pie, a whole 23 of them.

Colorado 215
Happy Birthday Me! I had a Lemon Meringue Pie. Yum!

Well, that's about it for now. I still need to put the pictures from my birthday at my parents on the computer, so they will be forthcoming!


Vogels said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I can't wait to come home for Christmas to see family!

I Love Your Tee, BABY said...

good pictures! Now regret not taking more pictures. I really only took them at the zoo. Oh well....What did Ben get you for your birthday. Thank you for Colton's gift....I told him he the only way he could get it is if he opened it himself j/k.


Vanessa said...

fun pictures, and all the babies are so cute! Lily is adorable!