Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lily's First Christmas

Well Merry Christmas and almost Happy New Year all rolled into one! Lily's first Christmas was very fun. We spent Christmas Eve, Christmas, and the day after Christmas with my parents in Enumclaw, and Lily really enjoyed being with her grandparents and Aunt Anna and Uncle Josh, like she always does. Ben and I really enjoyed it too, and it was nice to be with family for the holidays. Ok, well I figure that pictures are going to tell you how everything went better than just writing it out, so here goes!

Ben and I in front of our Christmas tree at home. The bottom is kind of bare so Lily wouldn't mess with it as much. It kind of worked.

Lily in her sailor outfit! There's a cute hat that goes with it too, but she wouldn't keep it on long enough to get a good picture. My mom got this outfit for her awhile ago, and she's just getting big enough to fit in it.

Contemplating her first snow. She wasn't too excited about it one way or another, though she did start crying a minute after she sat down. I tried to bundle her up good, but we could only stay out there for about 10 minutes anyway - it was just too cold for her. This was just after the first time it snowed, and it was only about 2 or 3 inches at the time, but by the very last time it snowed, we had probably 8 inches, which is crazy for western Washington.

Christmas morning!! My family has a tradition where we read the Book of Mormon together every night through out the year, and we read the last chapter Christmas morning before we can open any presents. We also always take a picture with our BOM's after we're done. This was right after we'd finished reading, but still getting ready for the picture. Lol :)

Pretty family picture.

Trying to figure out what her stocking was. By the middle of all the unwrapping she was definitely understanding that if she tore the paper off, she got something cool. :)

Daddy helping her unwrap. I think she was getting a little distracted by the paper.

Seeing her baby doll for the first (ok, she saw me pick it out at the store) time. She was very excited. I had been very excited to give it to her.

She really likes it. She carries it around and pats it on the back and likes to point out the baby's nose and eyes. So cute!!

But she got tired of everything after awhile. She has such a cute sad face. :)

Hehe, My mom probably won't be too happy with me, but I had to include this on here. Lol, she had just gotten a new cell phone from my Daddy and it's a fancy touch screen one, and she was a little overwhelmed by how to control it.

One of Ben's family traditions is that his Mom always makes red and green pancakes Christmas morning. Since we weren't with them this year, Ben wanted to make them for everyone. Fun stuff!

My new apron! Ben and my Mom are apparently trying to domesticate me, since I unwrapped such items as this apron, an ironing board and iron, spatulas, a sewing machine... are they trying to tell me something?? I thought I was a good little housewife! :)

Lily had way too much fun with the stairs. Only problem is she still hasn't figured out how to go down, and we haven't found any gates that will fit across my parents stairwell here. So we were constantly running after her and pulling her off the third or fourth step.

So proud of herself!

Having fun with Daddy.

We tried to get a cute picture in Christmas hats, but Lily wasn't super cooperative. Ah well.

I like this one of Ben and I. :) I think we're pretty darn cute. (You can see where Lily gets it!)

Dressed up in her new clothes from Grandma. I can't believe she actually kept the hat on long enough to get a picture. How cute is she?!?


This was Sunday after Christmas, back in our house. Lily really likes playing Peek-a-Boo, and she'll do it all by herself with blankets or cloth diapers or just her hands. She's a doll.

I see you!

So, that's been our Christmas shenanigans this year. It is definitely lots of fun having a child to give gifts to in addition to Ben and I. It just brings out a whole other side of giving in each other, and it's tons of fun to watch Lily's face light up when she realizes she has a new fun toy. Her favorite present was definitely her baby doll we got her, and she really likes all the books she got too. Mommy enjoys that Lily received a bunch of new clothes! :) Ben and I really enjoyed all our presents, and hanging out with family, and taking a mini vacation away from Bothell. We also really loved singing in the choir at Church. It was a beautiful program. Well, see you next year!

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