Sunday, December 14, 2008


Teeth. That is, Lily has 9 teeth now! Which seems like way too many for an 11 month old, but we noticed yesterday that a molar on her bottom left side had popped through. We hadn't even noticed that she was teething! I had the thought that maybe she would start teething, mostly because she had been drooling excessively for the last two days, but it seemed too soon to start teething again since she already had her first 8 front teeth. She's a chomper!

11 months 021
Well, she's not exactly happy here, but she has such a cute crying face! Plus you can see her four bottom teeth if you look really closely.

11 months 021 (2)
See? The tooth on the right is the least through and only barely visible. Also, on the left you can see the white area where her molar is about to pop through. This was taken about a week ago.

I'm just glad that the molar coming through didn't seem to cause her too much pain. Considering we basically completely missed that it was coming! I don't mind. If only all teething was that easy! :)


I Love Your Tee, BABY said...

Poor Lily! I like your new header, what a good family picture.

Vanessa said...

yeah for teeth!