Thursday, September 25, 2014

Michael’s 5th Birthday

I started writing this all in one of the other posts I was writing and then thought, it really deserves it’s own post.

We celebrated Michael’s 5th birthday by going to the park and inviting just about every person Michael knows. Of course it was right before July 4th, so only a handful of people could make it. Which I anticipated and was perfectly ok with. It was really nice and low-key and I got an amazing compliment from one of the moms who said it was probably the most age-appropriate birthday party they’d been to, even for all her kids which ranged in age from 2-9. I thought that was awesome. I was aiming for easy for me, but still fun for all the kids, and I think we accomplished just that. The kids’ favorite activity was easily the piñata.


Michael's Party 068     Michael's Party 069

Definitely one of the best tasting cakes I’ve ever made, and probably the prettiest decorated too. I’m not known for my cake decorating abilities, but I was pretty pleased with how this one turned out. Michael was very specific in his requests: blue cake that was really tall (the dome for the cake stand wouldn’t even fit on top!) with a circle of sprinkles on top. Nailed it! Equally as important, it was super super yummy! Deep rich chocolate, so good. Of course, goofy girl that I am, I forgot forks! So people had to eat with their hands, which meant quite a few people opted for cupcakes instead. Oh well, more for me later!



And out comes the candy!


Love this picture, with all his friends enthusiastically singing and him so concentrated on his cake! Love my big Michael boy!

Disneyland-057_thumb3     Disneyland-060_thumb2

The morning of his birthday. Trying to get a sincere smile without him being silly is just not going to happen!

Disneyland-079_thumb1     Disneyland-082_thumb1

Ben took Michael out to breakfast on his birthday, per Lemmon family tradition, and he requested this giant cinnamon roll for his birthday “cake.”

20140707_160738_thumb1     20140707_160842_thumb1

And birthday dinner at Red Robin. Yup, spoiled 5 year old. You’re only 5 once!

And a couple pictures of the other kids, cuz they were there too! And they’re kind of cute. Winking smile

20140707_155829     20140707_160450     20140707_160425

Look at that girl’s dimples! She’s still got her bubbly face! And of course Adam wouldn’t look at the camera, he’s getting stubborn like that lately.


I love you Michael. You are a pretty fantastic 5 year old!

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