Thursday, September 4, 2014

House Pics

This post is for Mom and Dad Lemmon who have been very patiently waiting to see pictures of our recent remodel. The Washington rain took a toll on our house over the years, so we needed to reside the whole house. We hired a company to reside and paint. We chose a light brown with white trim, got rid of the shutters, and replaced the door and windows. Ben did the door and windows himself with some help from his brother Matthew. We like it! Definitely gives the whole house a fresh new look.

Peter's Blessing (280)

Old look. Still nice, but outdated.

And the big reveal…

End of Summer 688

Ta-da! Kind of hard to tell, but we also got new numbers and put them over the garage instead of next to do the door. We really like how everything turned out.

Now hopefully we can be done with house projects for a little while. (Haha, yeah right!) Smile

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