Monday, April 4, 2011

Weeks 12 & 13 And a List

1. You get double the fun this week because last week I was at my parents house with a camera but no way to get my pictures on the blog.

2. The reason I was at my parents house last week is that our kitchen remodel has officially started!! Yay!!!! We’d been doing what demolition we could bit by bit, but two Saturdays ago it finally all came out, cupboards, flooring, drywall and all. Then last Monday my Grandpa and Ben started working on all the lighting/plumbing/electrical/switching of doors and windows, etc. They’ve gotten a lot done in the last week, and this week will be putting drywall back up, texturing, painting… so much to do. So fun! I’ll get pictures from Ben’s phone soon and post some of the progress.

3. I’ve finally gotten organized! That is, I’ve figured out a little schedule for myself for taking all the pictures people have suggested. Next week will be alphabet week, with Lily picking the letter and helping me find things that start with the letter to photograph. I’ll do a self-portrait week after that, and as soon as the kitchen is done, a food week. (Even though you’re not pregnant anymore, Stephanie. Congrats!!)

4. No real number four. I guess it’s not a very long list. I hope you like this weeks pictures! Again, I missed a few days, but I’m not letting that stop me from continuing to post. I’m starting to enjoy it all again!

Mar 19

Mar 19 – I really really love this photo. To me, it encapsulates everything I was hoping for when we bought our house. The kids playing outside together, not needing me to be entertained, just enjoying the earth and dirt and the sun on their faces. I love our backyard, and I love that we’re beginning to have more outside play days!

Mar 22

Mar 22 – Skipped a few days, and only remembered to take this picture as I was running out the door for book club that evening. I love spring, there’s opportunities for pretty pictures everywhere.

Mar 23

Mar 23 – This sweet little girl is Lucy. She came over along with a few other kids for playgroup, and it was another outside play day. Not super warm, but just warm enough and sunny enough to not be able to resist going outside. I’ll post some more pictures of this day soon. We all had a lot of fun.

Mar 24

Mar 24 – I didn’t take this picture, obviously, but since I took other pictures that day I don’t feel bad using this one. I hardly ever have pictures of me lately, and it made me happy that Ben took this one.

Mar 25

Mar 25 – Filling the garden boxes with dirt. Did I tell you? Ben made me garden boxes!! I love them, and I can’t wait to plant seeds and start seeing growth. Lily is very excited too. She made me buy watermelon seeds. Smile

Mar 26

Mar 26 – My awesome brother Jonathan playing the piano. He was totally laughing at me taking pictures of him, but I love that it’s a natural smile, so I didn’t mind being laughed at. He’s a natural at playing the piano, and I love capturing him at it. And no, he wasn’t dressed up for anything in particular, he’s just that snazzy.

Mar 27

Mar 27 – My momma’s birthday flowers. She loves carnations, and I love how bright and happy the colors are. And I love my momma. More than flowers, even. She’s pretty great.

Mar 28

Mar 28 – Pretty Mary dog. I was practicing all afternoon trying to get her in focus running with the ball. She’s quick, so it’s a matter of taking tons hoping at least one will turn out. And this one did!

Mar 29

Mar 29 – The only picture I took this day. I was planning on taking more, but was distracted after I realized Lily was coloring right on the counter and I had to stop taking pictures and have her help me clean it off.

Mar 30

Mar 30 – My sister Anna and Michael playing with the volleyball. All week Anna was trying out for the volleyball team at her middle school, so every evening after she came home she would head straight outside and practice into the dark. She had such a great attitude when she came home and told us she’d been put on the “everyone” team, she was still happy with how she’d done and excited to play. I was really proud of her.

Mar 31

Mar 31 – When they come from your kids, dandelions really are the prettiest flower ever.

Apr 1

Apr 1 – Getting outside when it’s raining involves a little more prep-work, but the kids still had so much fun. My mom used to wear this snoopy hat when she was a kid, and I remember seeing it on my brother all the time. It makes me happy to see it on Michael!


Stephanie Vogel said...

I love all the pictures! They are great! I'm so excited to take some newborn pictures of Baron....he's so cute! Thanks for the congrats, it's been great. The hardest thing about loving photography is being behind the lens all the time :(...we need to teach the hubbies!

Alie said...

Love the dandelion handful photo!!