Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Playing with friends

Like I mentioned in my last post, a few weeks ago we had an awesome playgroup where we were able to go outside and play for some of the time. I know the kids really enjoyed it, but I think I might have enjoyed it most of all. When we were living in our condo, I constantly wished we had a backyard to play in, and so just about every time we’re able to go out to our very own backyard now, it feels like heaven!

Visiting Grandma's House 059

L-R, Oliver, Lily, Lucy. Before we got the garden boxes filled, the kids had such a fun time pretending they were trapped. Lily would insist on someone helping her out of them.

Visiting Grandma's House 065

This cute kid is August. I love that he totally wanted to pose for me.

Visiting Grandma's House 071

Engrossed with the tiny white flowers. I love that weeds are so awesome to little kids.

Visiting Grandma's House 089
Lucy, Lily, Oliver. These kids have such a good time together.

Visiting Grandma's House 090

Even though this is practically the same picture I had to include it because of Lily’s cute “Bubbly Face” – this is the exact same bubbly smile she used to flash at us all the time when she was an infant!

Visiting Grandma's House 091

Almost the whole gang! We tried to get Michael in there too, but he fell over backward into the box and was too grumpy to try again. Poor little dude. But these kids sure are cute, right? I can’t wait for more and more playgroups to be spent outside!

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Emily W said...

Emily, I haven't been to your blog for a long time. I can't believe how big Lilly is, and she is soooo adorable, just so cute. I love her bubbly smile, that would melt me every time.