Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I hate coming up with titles for my posts

I finally was able to go through all my pictures from when we were at my parents house. And I know I’ve said this before, but I love Autumn! I love the falling leaves and the warm oranges and reds and golds – makes for fun photography. It helps that I have two of the cutest little models ever. I never get tired of taking pictures of my kids. Actually, I just really enjoy taking pictures of people in general. It’s exciting to me to try to capture their personalities and make them look their best.

Visiting Parents 362

Visiting Parents 410

Visiting Parents 429


Visiting Parents 448

Visiting Parents 461

Visiting Parents 470

Visiting Parents 471

Visiting Parents 494

Visiting Parents 474

My kids crack me up. The end.


Natalie Lundberg said...

cute stuff! Your gettin' good with your camera

Vanessa said...
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Vanessa said...

(removed last post cuz I didn't check my spelling before posting) your pictures are so great! And the kids are priceless.